Get Rid Of FOMO With These 10 Millennial-Friendly Villas

Emails. Documents. Cooking. Cleaning. The routine goes on and on and it can be suffocating. Why not plan a refreshing outing with your closest friends? Head to a SaffronStays villa and entertain yourselves with special activities that you can’t find anywhere else! We promise that a super-comfy holiday at these millennial-friendly holiday homes near Mumbai will totally rejuvenate your soul. Tempting, right? 

1. Sundowner, Karjat 

What can make wide open spaces surrounded by beautiful hills even better? A rain dance! And we have those facilities right here at this expansive 8-bedroom villa in Karjat. Whether you are celebrating a milestone with the fam or just taking a break with friends, a rain dance is a great way to kick it off. 

No. of guests: 16-45

Let the rain dance begin: SaffronStays Sundowner

2. Aspen, Lonavala

Treat yourself to a luxurious holiday in this 3-bedroom villa in Lonavala. And while you’re there, experience the wonder of living alfresco. There are several spots where you can dine outdoors, including a rooftop barbeque service. Enjoy the fresh air of the hills as you swim under the open sky. Even while indoors, the private villa’s floor-to-ceiling windows make it feel pleasantly airy.

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your al fresco experience: SaffronStays Aspen

3. Bellini, Karjat

The crown jewel of this luxury villa in Karjat is its hippodrome — an amphitheatre-like area where you and the gang can show off your dance moves or host your own comedy night. Hang out with your friends and when it’s time to wind down, you can take the party to Smokeland for some BBQ vibes. Take it from us, barbeque and conversations go well together. 

No. of guests: 6-14

Get the party started: SaffronStays Bellini

4. Reva Infinity, Karjat

Are you and your friends the more adventurous kind? Then you’ll love river rafting down the Tez river, which flows by the side of this holiday home. Connect, not just with your friends, but also with nature. This millennial-friendly vacation will give you the freedom you don’t otherwise find. A true riverside villa, the gurgling sounds of the stream will reach you at breakfast and follow you while you swim as well!

No. of guests: 8-24

Plan your adventure now: SaffronStays Reva Infinity

5. The Riverine, Lonavala 

There’s no better place to laugh, have fun, and reconnect with your loved ones than the great outdoors. Residing next to Indrayani river, this pristine 5-bedroom bungalow hosts a massive lawn where you can have dinner under the stars. A quaint little gazebo on the verandah is an ideal space to chill, play games or take that perfect group photo. The villa’s outdoor bar ensures you don’t miss out on any of the fun! 

No. of guests: 10-15

Party en plein air: SaffronStays The Riverine

6. Urja, Lonavala 

A 3-bedroom villa near Mumbai, Urja is brimming with amenities for you to give yourself the best vacation. The best of these is the spa room where you can indulge in soothing massages and stone therapy. Afterwards, head to the open sky room to do some relaxing-with-a-view or some good old gossiping with your friends. Holidays are meant for pampering sessions, after all, and this stylish villa is built for it!

No. of guests: 6-11

Schedule your five-star holiday now: SaffronStays Urja

7. Casa Delizia, Lonavala

Casa Delizia has everything you need for the ultimate getaway — warm and elegant interiors, a sparkling plunge pool, and of course a super cosy jacuzzi. Bubble away in leisure, there is no concept of time here. Away from your work and your worries, this fun 4-bedroom villa gives you and your friends the best way to unwind

No. of guests: 8-12

Set your time to unwind: SaffronStays Casa Delizia 

8. Carpe Diem, Lonavala

Whether you are planning a college reunion or a trip with your besties, Carpe Diem offers the perfect place. Equipped with a disco room, this millennial-friendly villa gives you the privacy and freedom to let your hair down. You can dance, play games, or sprawl around and share stories of the old days. The night is young and so are you!

No. of guests: 10-21

Let’s paint the town red: SaffronStays Carpe Diem

9. Kenwoods, Palghar

Work life can get stressful. But you deserve a break every now and then. What better way to de-stress than surrounding yourself with nature? Try out this villa with a garden that is a short drive from Mumbai. Take a walk through the abundant flora and fauna, explore the herb garden and have a lovely picnic by the duck pond. Within no time, you’ll be posting a picture on Instagram captioned #healing. 

No. of guests: 2-12

Go for a nature’s retreat: SaffronStays Kenwoods

10. Anantya, Palghar 

A villa with a heated pool? Yes, that’s right. At this riverside villa near Mumbai, you can soak in the warmth of the pool while surrounded by beautiful orchards. Imagine leaving all your tension behind as you and your friends float and splash around. No crowds to disturb you. And all of it with a cocktail on the side! Hot tip: Meditation by the Surya river is the next best thing. 

No. of guests: 8-10

Begin your vacation today: SaffronStays Anantya

You can procrastinate work and chores but not booking a holiday! It’s time to enjoy some down time, have loads of fun and try out a variety of activities with the people you care the most about. Pick your favourite villa and save the date!

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