7 Simple Instagram Reels To Create With Your Family When At Home

The spread of coronavirus that birthed two, almost three, *whispers God forbid* lockdowns compelled individuals and families to look out for alternate sources of entertainment, engagement and general hacks that could decipher the code to break monotony without having to step out. In August 2020, the Instagram Gods granted us our wish and invented REELS! 

Besides the beautiful transition from casual Instagrammers to bursting-with-energy-and-ideas full-time creators, this platform saved us from our mundane misery and the negative self-talk that often got the best of us (bear hugs to all of us!). The mission to keep our #trendgamestrong has had us going till date and the best part? Come on, guess. (Psst…hint: this is why you’re here!)

Instagram reels have become a very engaging source of bonding with our families (yeah, no kidding)! 8 or 80, the ‘reel fever’ hasn’t spared anyone and how (!!!). 

So, here’s a curated list of trends that are simple for Maa to learn (even her mistakes are cute, no?), to teach to Papa (because they just never get it right *sigh*) and the perfect ice-breaker after a lame sibling fight (duh!). 

  1. Tere Pyaar Mein Chamku Jaise #Jugnu…
    This trending reel started by the bad boy of India, Badshah, got everyone jugnufied and how! Caution: This might just become your fam jam. 
*For Reference Purposes Only
  1. 3…2…1…Hide! 

All this “modern indoor hide and seek” requires is a camera countdown. The most exciting part is that EVERYONE gets to hide (good news for those who always had to be the seeker) and your home is more than enough!
Pro tip: Find your hiding spots in advance *sshhhh…*

*For Reference Purposes Only
  1. A Family Photo Frame? It’s A Family Video Frame Time, Baby! 

Save the ‘PhotoCrop’ filter on Instagram and hit record! Come into the frame or try and escape the frame, either way, shooting this is so much fun. 

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  1. Explore Your Family’s ‘Roots’

Bonded by blood, defined by our traits – such is a wholesome family, no? Papa’s extra (too extra) attention to any and all documentation details, Maa’s habit of taking care of us, most times more than herself, and our siblings’ excuses to avoid chores, everyone has a habit that distinguishes them and this reel is such a fun way to frame it all! 

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  1. Red Light! Green Light! 

Squid Game got our adrenaline shooting up high! 

But, experience a fun, more relaxed version of it from the comfort of your homes with this ‘red light, green light’ filter. Blink, blink, blink and freeze as soon as the doll turns. Your cue is ‘red light’. Try it and see how excited it gets your parents! 

*For Reference Purposes Only
  1. Runaway…Into A World Of Your Own

Casual nose-pulling, memorable snuggles, weird poses that only get weirder with every frame, and everything else to remember this time by. Save the ‘Aurora’ filter on your Instagram, search for the ‘Runaway’ song and pose every time the frame freezes. Your very own, cutest compilation of memories of a lifetime!
Pro tip: Do this trend against an open sky (on your terrace or by the window) or a white background for best results. 

*For Reference Purposes Only
  1. A Serenading Capture With Manike…

Choreographed by the stunning dancing jodi well-known as Jodi Anoorabh on the gram, a snippet from the soothing Sri Lankan song Manike Maghe Hithe took no time to occupy space in the enthralling list of trending reels. Everyone, right from couples to air hostesses to families (just like yours), picked it up and the smiling faces cannot help but make you smile more. Try?

*For Reference Purposes Only

The above mentioned list has to get you going for the coming week. Sorted after-work scenes, eh? Now go on and make some #FamilyGoals reels! 

P.S. Don’t forget to use #SaffronStaysSundays, tag us and share them with us! 

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