We’re blown away by your response!

It’s all about human experience, that’s what SaffronStays really aims to deliver on. Like every business idea, there is no guarantee that our’s will be successful. However, we’ve got an amazing response ever since our Facebook page and website went live.

Our typical Homestay Hosts
SaffronStays Hosts

We worked on an idea, poured our passion and effort into it and then we put it out there with our fingers crossed. We knew that the market would either accept it or it wouldn’t.

And thankfully, SaffronStays has received an overwhelming response with home owners like you who want to list your apartments, villas and rooms. Every day, there are requests and queries coming in from homestays and B&Bs. Everyone who got in touch with us had one thing in common – a need to be part of this travel community and be part of SaffronStays.

We are really thankful and humbled by your response.

You are taking us all over the country!

SaffronStays’ website is already being populated with listings from all over the country. So far, we are getting responses from homeowners in Sikkim, Gujarat, Maharashtra and more.

What is interesting is the idea of an Indian-home-hospitality that comes along with each of these hosts. The Indian spirit of ‘atithi devo bhava’ shows in your posts on our Facebook page.

While you may find hotels or motels escaping with terrible service, our hosts are willing to put their best foot forward. Your responses have shown that you want to revive our cultural and traditional idea of hospitality.

You have surprised us

A lot of you responding to SaffronStays are senior citizens with an extra room or a vacant house and a large heart. Your enthusiasm and willingness to use technology to spread the warmth is really amazing!

To the rest…

The market has given us a very unique response. We’ve got travellers who are already trying to get in touch with us. To them we say – Wait a bit longer, we’ll start our booking soon.

There have also been a bunch of curious people who have been enquiring about us. They have provided plenty of encouragement to us. This is a bunch that believes that SaffronStays is a unique idea and with their best wishes, we are sure to be successful!

If you are interested in being a host with SaffronStays, we’d love to help you set up your listing. If you’re a DIY person, go to List My Place and follow our easy interface. If you’d want more assistance, email us at host@saffronstays.com.

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