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There are so many bucket lists of things-to-do, books to read, cuisines to try and of course places to visit. We know you have been to all the possible places in and around Mumbai. And that you must have spent like a king and saved like a squirrel! So we thought about a bucket list which is more practical and doable – the ‘Relaxing’ bucket list! We hope this list helps you see places in a different light and that there’s new stuff to do every day i.e. relax your mind, relax your body, relax your soul and recharge for the week!

# 01. Matheran

A 100-year old heritage bungalow, owned by a Parsi family in Matheran is your little pad of solace. It opens into a large forest facing verandah where you could, on a lazy sleeper chair, catch-up on your book or simply gaze into the nature’s beauty. Every room is tastefully done with old-style wooden furniture, yet complete with modern amenities. It comforts you with delicious home cooked food and personal attention.


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# 02. Karjat

If flowing river right at the backyard of your house is what you have been dreaming of lately, then this place is an example of uber luxurious property where you can relax at the lakeside, or play with your friends/family in the garden. With all kinds of modern amenities available, this is an excellent place to relax and rewind!



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# 03. Kelwa

Barely 2.5 hours away from Mumbai, is located this beautiful Villa by the sea that makes sure you don’t spend your weekend like a lazy bum! With three forts on this beach, one at the southern tip of the beach, submerged in seawater during high tides; the smaller one located within the coniferous trees near the northern tip on the beach, Kelwa beach provides a fair share of activities.  There is also a famous shitala devi temple at Kelwa.


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# 04. Murud

Located about 10 kms from Murud, in Agardanda, this beachvilla will take your breath away. Here, the only sound that disturbs the peace is that of the sea waves crashing on the shores, barely 50 meters away. The property has no neighbours, so the stretch of 200-300 meters of beach is almost private.  It has 2 units, wooden structures, both with a porch from where one can keep staring into the open Ocean. You will find yourself fixed on the porch the whole day long with a book for company.



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# 05. Awas Beach

Just 10 minutes away from the Mandwa jetty, this lovely stone villa is easily accessible. Tastefully decorated with antique furniture and with two outdoor sitting areas, you can breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air, read, eat and enjoy. In the afternoons, either simply laze around or cycle through the tranquil villages and the two nearby ponds and enjoy the peace and calm. The evenings are meant to go to the Awas beach, which is a nice 5-10 minute walk from the house. Play cricket, run around, get soaked and have fun till you get tired!


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# 06. Alibaug

While your stay at this mansion in an isolated place in Alibaug, let the chirpings of bird bring you the state of tranquility. The hospitality of caretakers will want you to revisit this place. The Villa is well furnished with large spacious rooms, wooden furniture, wall paintings and antiques which add the feel of homeliness to it.


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# 07. Panchgani

A luxurious 6 bedroom valley facing bungalow in Panchgani offers breathtaking views, much more appreciated during the monsoon season when the Bhilar waterfall is visible in its full glory. The bungalow is fully furnished and is equipped with the latest gadgets to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  The valley facing glass enclosed gazebo is connected by a bridge to the dining area and is a perfect place to relax and unwind.


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#08. Zirad, Alibaug

A spacious pool villa little away from Alibag city, has a beautiful garden in front of the bungalow. This place is ideally Suited For Large Groups Of Friends And Families, Wanting A Quick Weekend Getaway From Mumbai. The house is large with plenty of light and air.


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#09 Karjat

Set amidst the lush green valleys of Karjat, this farmhouse is situated among the hills near Mumbai. The large front deck, with a breathtaking view of the Sahyadris, provides a great setting for evening parties with barbecue.


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#10. Alibaug

Barely a 10 minutes walk from Nagaon beach, this bungalow is easily accessible. Engaging in various water sports like Jet ski rides, parasailing, kayaking, Banana boat or enjoy fishing and beach walk is more fun when you are staying right next to a beach!


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We’re kicking off with this list, and so should you! Enjoy the list, check out how many you have seen and how many you haven’t.


About the Author:

Keenjal Patel

A reader at mind, a writer at heart, a believer at soul and an achiever overall, is what she want to be. She loves to express through words. She’s a firm believer that imagination rules the world and the day this world absorbs the essence of her words, that would be a day of pride for her!


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