5 Pure Vegetarian Weekend Stays around Mumbai!

We feel for all the non-vegetarians cribbing and feeling outraged about the #MeatBan in Mumbai during Paryushan. However, for our vegetarian friends who often feel inconvenienced and uncomfortable eating at places that also serve non-veg (“What if the same utensils are used?”); here’s some relief. No, we aren’t referring to the #MeatBan. 

For our vegetarian friends and their families, we bring few quick weekend breaks that serve only VEG meals.  Some of them can even prepare Jain meals. Here you needn’t worry if the utensils are used for non-veg preparations. So go ahead and book NOW!

# 01. Igatpuri

Experience the bygone era where the house was lit by natural daylight, large windows with ample of air ventilation and green landscape. With a spectacular look of Darna river in close proximity, you can enjoy the warm sit-out that overlooks the huge lawn and savour your veggie taste buds with delicious local food. Maharashtrian food with a blend of north and south dominates the local cuisine in Igatpuri. Akki roti (rice flour bhakri) is a must try!

Photo Credits: www.thakkara.com
Photo Credits: www.thakkara.com













# 02. Ganpatipule, Malgund Beach

Visit the 400 year old Ganesh temple and the serene Malgund beach, both just a hug and nuzzle away from your stay at Ganpatipule. You can also drive along the beautiful coastal stretch of Ratnagiri and visit Thibaw Palace and Ratnadurg Fort. On your return to the bungalow, relax and retreat with mouth watering vegetarian food. The local cuisine is ruled by Konkani food which can bowl over your non-vegan craving anyday! The luscious kokam curry, Ambapoli (Pancake made of dried mangoes), Sabudana Khichdi, and Phanaspoli (Pancake made of dried jackfruit) are few famous dishes. This region is known for jackfruit and the special delicacy which is Modak with a filling of jaggery and coconut.

Photo Credits: foodmantras.blogspot.com
Photo Credits: foodmantras.blogspot.com












# 03. Khandala

The Bungalow is a cozy living paradise in the dense foggy mountains of Lonavla-Khandala. This is the right spot to unwind and relax! Enjoy the lovely view of mountains or visit there by yourself. Tiger point, Kune waterfalls and Lion point are in close proximity from this bungalow. Khandala doesn’t really have a standard or unique cuisine but it definitely welcomes to those interested in enjoying simple vegan food. You will find varied options from North-Indian to Gujarati to Chinese cuisines here. The staple food is our very famous Vada Pav with a sprinkle of spicy red chutney.

Vada Pav
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# 04. Lonavala

While the brisk of air heralds the end of fall season and it is time to extend a warm welcome to the breeze and sunset at the Tiger point, Lonavala. A popular destination that this is, you will find end number of options for food, especially dhaba’s. But you must try hot masala chai with cheese and corn pakoda’s, onion rings, and fudges if you have a sweet tooth! 

Photo Credits: www.medimanage.com
Photo Credits: www.medimanage.com











# 05. Palghar

If you are wanting to stress out from your daily routine, this rustic cottage house in Palghar is an ideal place for you to rejuvenate yourself and regain the balance of your chakras through Yoga, detox, and consuming naturally grown clean vegetables for food. The place is eco-friendly in every possible way and serves only VEGAN food! Palghar does not offer much options when it comes to food joints. Thus, making it perfect to enjoy the organic local food served by the tribal community.

Photo Credits: www.blueplanetgreenliving.com
Photo Credits: www.blueplanetgreenliving.com











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