5 places to relive the memories from the jungle book!

The only good cage is an empty cage, so says Conservationist Lawerence Anthony. 

True that, isn’t it? With so many languages in this world to communicate, does the alarm call of animals like wolves howl, frog’s croak, bird’s chirp, etc., amaze you? Do you find a crocodile sleeping with its mouth open adorable? Do you feel the chills when you witness the silence before the roar? Does the rare sight of tiger cubs playing in the water bodies bring joy to you? Do you love to wake up to the dew drenched mornings and sun rays barging in slowly? Then these places is a wildlife lover’s paradise. We bring you 5 destinations where you can relive the memories from the Jungle book and spice up the thrill in your life.

#01 Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Situated amidst the pristine forests of Kanha is a quaint court yard house. The enchanting boutique accommodation incorporates traditional ethnic design. The property is situated amidst the big cat infested buffer zone confines of Kanha at Soona Ghat in isolated scenic area of Patpara Village. The little paradise is a short drive to Khatia Gate past Mocha Village. It is situated in complete isolation, truly a fantastic private retreat which accords meaning to your wildlife sojourn.

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#02 Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

These 5 Earth Cottages set in the woods along the banks of the Ramganga make for a perfect forest getaway away from all the tourist activities and vehicle-bound “safaris”. This is a 2 km walk from the road head, and designed for those who love the forest and want to be in it, explore the habitat as it was meant to be. Here you explore the forest on foot, bird watching, butterfly spotting, or looking for signs of the big cats.


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#03 Dhwedi- Jim Corbett, Uttrakhand

An exclusive home stay seated in the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas offers spectacular view of the Corbett Tiger Reserve and the Kosi river valley. Sometimes you just need to breathe in some clean air and let nature re-boot your mind. So take a break doing nothing at all, at this luxury eco living in Uttarakhand.


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#04 Dandeli, Karnataka

Accommodation at this exotic stay offers jungle safari and on a ride down the river, a variety of birds can be sighted. Hornbills flying around, kingfishers, darters and egrets darting into the waters in search of food, serpent eagles, falcon, magpie, robin, bulbuls, orioles, woodpeckers, weaverbirds and many more. You can also travel inside the forest in a jeep. At the end of the journey, you can either be picked up by a jeep or walk back to your camp.

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#05 Periyar, Kerala

Artistically built to resonate the idea of wooden luxury stay in the Indian forests, this tree house in Periyar is constructed on two giant trees at a height of 30 feet from the ground. A variety of wild animals like bison, elephants, wild monkeys & boar, squirrels, different types of deer like wild deer, barking deer, etc, can be easily found grazing at safe distances in the areas adjacent to the walls of the tree house. The exciting element of staying at the tree house is that you need not visit elsewhere to enjoy the wildlife and nature. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent view of variety of animals and birds right from the balconies.


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Naturalist David Attenborough says, “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” A thought provoking quote that it is, plan a trip with your family/friends and get all the learning about the wild life conservation and maintenance.

Want to go? Below are must haves’ in your backpack for a jungle safari:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Essential clothes like convertible cargo pants, fleece jacket, waterproof pants, t-shirt
  • Power plugs, because you’d want to keep your phone, iPad charged!
  • Waterproof bag to protect your belongings from rain
  • Flashlight, because with this, walking around the jungle with creepy animal sounds will not be as easy as it sounds
  • Binoculars, because animals are always far off from the safari tracks
  • Lastly, carry a sense of adventure, because jungle safari is all about unexpected thrills!

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