Which type of couple are you & your significant other?

They say your choices speak for yourself. Your travel choices as a couple are no different. Are you a curious couple who’s traveled everywhere together, or a truly great and eccentric explorer – which of these 8 types of couple best describes you?

#01. The break away couple

You are not much of the adventure sports variety, but you definitely love to spend time exploring untouched and lesser known destinations. Places which boasts of beautiful green patches, the sights of deep valleys and dense evergreen forest with diversified flora and fauna. Yes? Is this you or your significant other? Then you must stay at this Pool Villa located in a close proximity to the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. The destination is set in the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges of the western ghats. It is pristine and untouched compared to the usual, run-of-the-mill hill stations. When you are in Koyna, from cold waterfalls, to rolling green mountains with misty tops and foggy corners, you will want to embrace it all.


#02. The history buff couple

Years of well-preserved history, heritage and ancestral stuff makes you want to dwell deep? Is spending a fun afternoon admiring the archs and stained glass of CST station and building in Ballard estate your idea of an ideal holiday? Do you strive to go beyond your own roots to understand the history and culture of others? You must stay at The Parsi Manor at Matheran to experience the combination of Parsi heritage and local culture.


#03. The No-Hassle couple

As a bit of an escapist, you search for relaxation and simplicity. Your idea of quality time is each immersed in a book sitting next to each other by the pool or a dreamy verandah or a lake. You favour worry-free travel and spending time with family and friends. You’re the one who loves a ‘quiet drink’ together. You will have one of its kind experience at The Inner temple in Goa.


#04. The Escapist couple

You are an intriguing type. For you, travel is to totally disconnect and just get away as far as possible. All you want to do is relax and recharge. You often seek out destinations with a few interesting things to see and do, but you do not want an overly-hectic schedule of events. True? Then you need to escape to this silent dreamy bungalow in Devgad.


#05. The Gentle Explorer couple

You enjoy the security of familiar surroundings and don’t mind returning to past destinations! You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and usually avoid the unknown. Well-organized places that take care of you in every way possible appeal to you because for you travel should be fun, not extra work! This Little Paradise on a beachfront at Murud is just the place to be.


#06. The Collector’s couple

You admire the hunter-gatherers, the exceptional artefacts. You love to gather uncommon experiences at fairly warm and familiar places which are not out-of-the-way destinations. You and your significant other are often caught in conversation with people around you. Aqua Villa in Arpora, Goa, is one such place which is every collector’s delight.


#07. The Genuinely Curious couple

You keep your eyes, ears, mind, all wide open because you know nothing about the place and are curious to know everything the destination has to offer. Located at a highest peak of Mumbai,  not too far from the city, is this extremely silent and beautiful place Uttan. It is a coastal town influenced by the Portuguese era. Uttan is famous for its beach, fresh fish stock, Koli community and a lighthouse. A bit of this village is also shared by East Indian Catholic population. If the centuries old history interests you, then you must stay at this lavish bungalow to explore more.


#08. The Free Spirit couple

You have an insatiable need for travel that’s unique and exciting. To you it’s not enough to read about destinations; you want to experience the highlights of each destination yourself. Are you the types who enjoy going with the flow and being carried away with the moment?! Then this rustic bungalow at a dreamy location near Kelwa beach is an ideal place to explore.


Whatever kind of couple you are, or think you may want to be, SaffronStays has the right place for you. Visit us today at www.saffronstays.com and we’ll offer you the personal service and care you deserve in finding a perfect holiday destination. Tell us in the comments below which type of couple are you?!

About the Author: Keenjal Patel, a reader at mind, a writer at heart, a believer at soul and an achiever overall, is what she want to be. She loves to express through words. She’s a firm believer that imagination rules the world and the day this world absorbs the essence of her words, that would be a day of pride for her!

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