coronavirus effects in offices

Un-organise to Re-organise: Corporate Culture in the time of Coronavirus

There is no denying to the fact that ‘the need of the hour’ for any organisation, industry, corporate business or workforce is to stay extra safe and hygienic right now, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak that has enveloped the world in panic. Corporate businesses are changing their work cultures rapidly and taking strict actions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In this fast-moving daily lifestyle we are running, we are always organising ourselves for the day. Here’s how corporate culture is ‘Un-organising to Re-organise’ and that’s what the corporate culture is adapting to too:

Testing business continuity with work-from-home game-plans:

From small start-up firms to large corporate companies everyone is enforcing work from home diktats. This shift is to discourage people from travelling through public transport, engaging with other employees who may potentially carry the virus and/or safeguard the hierarchy of the organisation. While larger MNCs and corporates with global guidelines are cancelling their meetings, conferences and off-site parties, smaller start-ups and MSMEs are continuing business as usual. The practical solution to this is to find a hygienic and safe alternative for every gathering. After all, no business must ever stop.

Unexpected companies profit from COVID-19 

Not only are corporate offices educating their employees on best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but also working around daily news updates. Daily meetings have now moved to Zoom calls, Trello boards and constant mail updates. According to this Wired article, Zoom Video Communications’ stock doubled since the outbreak in Wuhan. Not just businesses, but schools and colleges are too going the tech way. After the case in Delhi, two primary schools shut down ground operations and shifted to online courses.   

COVID-19 majorly affects the growth of market: 

Be it the hospitality, IT, Media or any other industry, everyone is facing a challenge to grow their business at this time. The import and export trade has stopped completely which stops the production process as well. Due to the Chinese new year and now with effect to coronavirus the raw material supply is shut from more than a month. This has affected the market on a large scale, the demand of goods and services aren’t being met. We would recommend that you be stocked up with the daily essentials and basic household items at the moment. 

COVID-19 invites myths and misconceptions: 

According to a recent update, of the 1,26,662 cases of COVID-19 detected, 68,325 recovery cases and 4,640 deaths have been recorded across the world. The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic on 11th March 2020. The Indian Government, in a bid to safeguard its citizens, suspended all tourist visas and e-visas granted on or before March 11 from the port of departure, and the United States of America has banned on all flights from Europe (strong move?).

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