SaffronStays Blue Infinitum

‘This is where the magic happens’ – The tale of SaffronStays Blue Infinitum… 

They say, ‘Home is where the heart is’. But for Radhika Shah, Home Owner of SaffronStays Blue Infinitum, it was more ‘home is where her pet was’. 

Built 15 years ago as a gift to her pet, Jordan, the home offers a 360° view of Pawna Lake merging with cerulean skies. Situated in Pawna, this 4-bedroom villa is an eclectic modern home nestled in the midst of nature. But, what makes this space so special? We’d say the uninterrupted view of the lake from the infinity pool, the greens, and the joy of having this view all to yourself – but we can never do enough justice. And so, we decided to hear it from Radhika herself…

‘It’s All About The Views’

SaffronStays Blue Infinitum

You may not expect a lot when you see the home. However, the moment you walk in, I am sure you will be blown by the view with every nook and corner of the house offering breathtaking views of the lake. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets and moonrises from the deck, but if you ask me, nothing comes close to the starlit nights! The best part about this home is that it’s never the same in any season. For instance, during monsoons, when the lush greens come to life, you get to see the private waterfall that is adjacent to the home. On the other hand, summers are all about colours and blooms… 

‘The Open Spaces Bring In Positive Vibes’

SaffronStays Blue Infinitum

While the place perfectly captures the essence of outdoor living, I didn’t want to give it my own persona. Instead, I believe it’s your place without being anybody else’s personality. My motto was simple: I wanted to make everyone feel at peace and comfortable the moment they entered the home, and I guess I’ve achieved it.  

Personally, this is the space where magic happens, and I hope everyone gets to experience the same when visiting my home.

‘There’s More To Do Than Just Trekking’

Located very close to our villa is Pawna Lake, which, for years has been campers favourite spot. But there’s so much more to Pawna than just trekking. You can go kayaking – we have 2 brand new kayaks at the home, which can be used by guests – paragliding, and even bird watching. Very few know about the boating and music festivals held every year in Pawna, which are organised in winters (mostly January).

Well, this enchanting home has definitely captured our hearts, we hope it does the same for you. Want to know more about SaffronStays Blue Infinitum? Click here.

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