This is how they celebrate the last month of the year!

Located in the Himalayan mountains, bordered by Nepal on the West, Tibet on the  North-East, Bhutan on the East and West Bengal to its South, Sikkim is a hilly abode of the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Nepalese in northeast India. With so many different communities living together, life in Sikkim is a never ending festivity. These festivals are unlike what we celebrate in rest of the parts of India. Sikkimese life and culture is calm, unique, and blurs the line of socio-religious distinction.

It’s the last month of year 2015 and the month of Kanchenjunga Tourism Festival  in Sikkim. It is a festival of adventures celebrated every year from 25th December to 31st in Pelling, Sikkim. The celebration rocks with adrenalin-driving activities such as water rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, etc. The festival is named after the guardian deity of Sikkim. The festival is an initiative by Sikkim Tourism to promote their region and the Sikkimese culture. The festival also includes flower exhibition, traditional craft and ethnic food and costume stalls.


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Don’t know where to stay? Here.

#01. A home-stay located by the forest

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#02. Home-stay near a terrace farm

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#03. Stay in a private courtyard

Route map to Sikkim:

Mumbai Airport – Bordoloi Airport

An 8 hour drive from Bordoloi to Gangtok

What to expect at the Festival?

Paragliding, Helicopter Ride, Hiking & Trekking, Marathon, Traditional Food Stalls, Traditional Folk Dance, Local Games for entertainment, Handy Craft & Hand loom Sale and Exhibition

Want to take a close look at Sikkim and its people? You MUST live here to experience their lifestyle!

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