The Alternative to an Alternative Workspace: Ways To Switch Up WFH

Does working from home still reap the benefits of an ‘Alternative Workspace’?

Working from home, for the longest time has been the most popular form of an ‘alternative workspace’, mainly because of the sheer convenience it brings to the table.
But in these trying times of a global pandemic, our lines between work and non-work are blurring. Working from home has become the new normal and is close to becoming the new ‘traditional’ workspace. This comes with its drawbacks, specially like monotony, which was one of the prevailing impediments an ‘Alternative’ Workspace was designed to solve. 

An Alternative Workplace (Strategy) by definition suggests unconventional work practices, environments or programs that substitute or supplement the arrangements of a traditional work environment. There have been several research studies showing why an alternative workspace not only reduces employee burnout but also seems to break the bond between workplace and work performance.

Here are a few remedies/options that can help with the monotony of the new WFH life:

1. Boundary-Crossing Activities

Blake E. Ashforth of Arizona University refers to these as tasks that demarcate the transition from work to non-work roles. These subconsciously help you get in and out of your ‘work state of mind’. They are entirely subjective to a person, for some it may be as simple as putting on their pyjamas, for others, it may be a serious workout session. Take some time to explore/experiment to find yours, and stick to it.

2. Take Your Time Off Seriously

Not taking time off means giving yourself a pay cut. An average knowledge worker is only productive 3 hours a day, without any interruptions or juggling tasks. Sticking to a 9-5 may prove to be unrealistic, especially when family and work hours do not have demarcated boundaries. Our time has never been so fragmented, so whether or not you take some time off, you’re still going to have a lot of work to do. Life is finite, and work is infinite.

3. A Vacation

Not Austria – it seems like a distant dream for the time being, however, you can escape to your local spots, while respecting travel restrictions. Rent out a place away from the city and unwind. The best-fitting option turns out to be a fully serviced apartment/a private vacation home ~ which has so many benefits, it deserves a segment of its own.

4. Stay in a Fully Serviced Private Vacation Home

unfortunately, most of us may not have the liberty to take a long leave in times like these. Which is why, this option turns out to be the best alternative to WFH. Still not convinced? Read on:

A Change of a view

It has been proven, natural places relax us. We’re able to focus better and we feel more emotionally engaged. The wall in front of your desk may be a good view, but researchers say a valley would be a better one. 

Just worry about eating

Working from home initially turned many of us into masterchefs cultivating a new skill/hobby of cooking. But there are only so many varients of banana breads you can bake or pastas you can cook. It has now turned into a chore and you need a break before it reaches an irreversible level of saturation. SaffronStays provides you with a personal chef that’ll get you your home-cooked food made to perfection. 

No Chores

What’s better than no cooking? No cleaning! No chores. The trained caretakers at SaffronStays will pamper you for the entire duration of your stay. Jumping straight into the pool could be your boundary-cossing activity 

Work-Friendly Homes

These villas are equipped with strong Wi-Fi for you to drive work smoothly. Maybe use our smart TVs as an extended display? Your productivity growth is only limited by your imagination.

Recent observations have shown how majority predictions and projections about COVID-19 have been far from accurate. Since the pandemic is hear to stay, it is only wiser that we live in the moment but act with caution, while getting creative within the limits of our scope. So, what is your preferred alternative to working from your home?