Sun Sea Sand, that’s all for the weekend!

You are gently chasing the salty breeze, walking barefoot on the warm sand with the sun shining on you for a perfect sun-bath. Hello! Wake up. You were simply staring at your screen while dreaming of a weekend getaway sitting at your desk. Well, if that really made you happy, it’s time this dreamy vision turns to reality. 

Not everyone waits to reach the destination to get the vacation started. If you are one of those who believe in enjoying the journey as much as the destination, these private vacation villas near Mumbai will be the perfect match for you.

SaffronStays Villa 270°, Dapoli

Perched on a piece of land the Home Owner coveted for a long 5 years, is SaffronStays Villa 270°, a cluster of 5 sea-facing cottages named after the native flowers of Dapoli – Jaswanti, Bakul, Aboli, Sugandhi, and Shevanti. It’s highly recommended that you travel via the road to experience the beautiful views that await on your way, but the train ride up to Dapoli is equally exhilarating. The uninterrupted view of the azure Arabian Sea and the scenic route will leave you stunned.

Each of these cottages can be booked individually, or together (for larger groups) and is the best pet-friendly villa near Mumbai, so get your furry companions along on your weekend getaway. Decorated with traditional aesthetics, these cozy little cottages offer an unmatched panoramic view of the Sea – 270° of it, to be precise! If you’re quiet, you’ll hear the waves crashing on the shore below or spot a dolphin on the horizon in season.

For all the foodies in the house, get ready for some authentic home-cooked Maharashtrian preparations. You must try Kalya Vatanyachi Usal, Baingan Bharta, Malvani fish, Mutton and Crab curries and Fish Fry, all freshly caught in from the market!

SaffronStays Chirebandi, Velneshwar

Amidst the tall coconut trees on Velneshwar beach is SaffronStays Chirebandi, a home that is a go-to for those who are always looking out for a weekend getaway at a private villa by the beach near Mumbai. Sing aloud with your partner, sip kadak adrak wali chai on the garden hammock or spend an entire day sunbathing… No one’s around to judge. This home is perfect for beach lovers to witness the sky turn pink, orange and everything in between as the Sun sets over the horizon. Wait, that’s not the end. If you’re like me, you can tick ‘jumping in the waves under a moonlit sky’ off the bucket list! No more dreaming, just grab this opportunity and escape to laze, relax or unwind with your loved ones.

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