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Stuck at home? 5 trending online games for your gang

With more people staying indoors, browsing extensions and entertainment apps have noticed a sudden rise in the usage of online applications across the globe. They’ve become tools for connection, communication, and reconfigured socialisation.

Bored with Netflix (Prime Video or Hotstar) and binge-watching shows? We’ve got you a fun alternative to experiment. Here are five trending online games that will help you remain sane in this stressful time.

Take your Houseparty online: 

Leave it to Gen Z, the most talented and tech-savvy generation ever lived. They know how to figure out the art of not being isolated, even in self-isolation. Houseparty app is available for iOS, Android and Chrome users and is free to download. This app allows users to video call a virtual game night with friends. You can talk to your entire group of friends (up to 8, unlike other apps that have a restriction on the number of users) face-to-face or play games like Heads Up!, Trivia, Chips and Guac, and Quick Draw. If you’re bored with the standard games, you can add themed Heads Up! Decks such as Game of Thrones or Friends that are available at an extra cost. Last week alone, the San Francisco-based app raked in 2million downloads worldwide. Houseparty becomes an overnight sensation not only amongst the Gen Z teenagers but also the company-starved millennials.

Houseparty online game
Try this trending online -Houseparty

If you’re quick with words, play Scrabble Online: 

Do you miss playing Scrabble with your cousins or friends? While the world outside is enveloped in dark times, you can invite your friends into this little world of competitive Scrabble. This game is useful for developing vocabulary and building strong spelling abilities. A few unique words like swarf, qat, zeds, veal, enow, etc that will help you when you’re running out of words. This game is available for all iOS and Android users, and on Google Chrome for people who want to play on a big screen. It’s a good exercise and helps you remain productive in self-quarantine and isolation days. 

Scrabble online game
Word game- Scrabble

If luck is on your side, try your hand at Ludo King: 

Whether you’re missing your mother, best friend or niece, this online Ludo King game will help you reminisce about the memories you have of playing board games with them. Ludo King game allows a maximum of six people at a time. This could be your internet connections, friends, cousins or any other gang. Choose your color, roll the dice and move according to the number that appears on the dice. Invest your numbers in all the pieces. Be confident and stay focused, kill your opponents as much as possible. This will help you win the game. It’s available for free for iOS and Android users. 

Ludo King online game
Simple yet fun- Ludo King

Test your guessing game with Psych:

If you love games that have a quirky element, then this one’s perfect. Play this fun game “Psych! Outwit with your friends” from the creators of “Heads Up!”. Bluff your friends with fake answers to real trivia questions in a variety of fun categories. The catch is to win points by guessing the right answer, or by suggesting the right answer. Ultimately, sweep the scoreboard and win the game. This app is available for iOS and Android users only. 

Psych online game
Connect with your friends -Psych

If you like quick games then play online is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. There are multiple rounds in one game, in every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points! You have only 80 seconds to draw the word you choose, and simultaneously, the others will start guessing. This game allows max eight people to join at a time so invite your gang online to play this online version of Pictionary. This app is available on App Store and Google chrome online games
Guess game

We know quarantine is difficult, but we all need to keep the spirit alive and continue social interactions. Keep playing online and stay connected with your loved ones.

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