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Social Distancing and Isolation: A perfect time to create your travel bucket list

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people across the globe have been advised to stay at home. Self-quarantine and social-distancing mean putting a temporary halt to all your social plans. Capsized travel, anxiety, misleading information, and indefinite isolation could be a recipe for increased panic and self-isolation. 

It’s time you stay indoors but can think about the outdoors. Here are 5 ways you can still appease the wanderlust in you! 

Create your travel bucket-list: 

One of the best approaches to kill time right now is to create or re-organise your travel bucket list. The preliminary research should be of places you want to visit, there is an incredible amount of information on the internet for you to dive-in. Utilise this time to read travel journals online (we recommend Sage JournalResearch Journey, etc) for travel inspiration. See if every place on your list stands up to scrutiny. Many may not be on priority when you look deeper. Check your budget and draw up a bucket list, that is actually feasible, and not something that will just remain an unticked list. 

make a bucket list

Create a vision board: 

A vision board is the perfect way to take all your travel plans, ideas, inspirations and put them in a visually appealing format right in front of you.  Before you create your board, think about all the places you want to visit and then accordingly create a budget plan. Cut-out pieces from stocked-up travel magazines, print photos from your saved Instagram folder and stick them on your board. Dip your toe into every possible vision board you come across for some inspiration and create innovative ideas. It’s a great time to create Pinterest boards too!

Create a vision board

Read a travel memoir or novel: 

While all your travel plans, summer escapes, and weekend getaways are cancelled for good health and safety, books might help you remain sane. Here are some recommendations from our favorite travel memoirs and novels: 

1: Cathedral by the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones: This book will take you back in the 14th century Barcelona where serfs carried stones on their back to build the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral, which still stands today in the Born district.

2: Wild by Cheryl Strayed: An inspirational story of a woman with nothing to lose after her family was destroyed. She took an impulsive decision to hike all alone on the Pacific Crest Trail that crosses states like Calfornia, Oregon, and Washington. 

3: Almost French by Sarah Turnbull: A spirited young woman and her unplanned adventure leading to love life in the world’s most romantic city. Almost French takes us on a tour that is fraught with cultural conflicts but widespread with impassive humour.  

read a travel memoir
Read a travel memoir that inspires you

Try some holiday-inspired recipe: 

If you cannot go to eat food on the streets of Bangkok or savour the authentic local food of Maharashtra; you can surely cook them at home. Self-quarantine is a perfect time to experiment with different recipes with simple home-based ingredients. 

Here’s the recipe for Red/ Green Chilli Thecha with ingredients that you are bound to have in your home:  


  1. For tempering, heat the oil in a non-stick pan, add some mustard seeds and saute on a medium flame for few seconds. 
  2. Mix red chilies (you can also use green chilies), garlic, salt, 2 tbsp water and blend them all in a mixer. 
  3. Transfer the mixer into the bowl with the tempering 
  4. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice and mix it. 
  5. Pour it in an air-tight container and store this in the refrigerator. 

Techa with bakhri/rice is a staple diet in most Maharashtrian villages. 

try a simple recipe
Try to cook with your family

Listen to travel podcasts: 

Now is the perfect time to stay indoors and boost your mood with inspiring travel podcasts. Here are a few recommendations you can tune into: 

1: Talking Point hosted by Brian Kelly: Listen to interesting interviews of top executives in the travel industry and get inspired to travel to unexplored destinations. 

2: Miles Away hosted by Editor-at-Large Zach Hoing: It’s all about the destination and how you get there. Each episode is about exploring new cities and off-beat regions across the globe. Whether you want to plan for a hike in the mountains or a tropical getaway, Miles Away is the podcast that will help you get there. 

Listen to podcast

It’s a stressful time right now but you can choose to take a break from the news updates when it gets too much and retreat into a travel fantasy. 

Stay safe and don’t stop making your travel plans but let them be virtual-only!

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