7 Reasons You Should Head To SaffronStays SanvinaFarm in Karjat For an Unforgettable Family Holiday

If you haven’t heard of it before, this is your chance to put SaffronStays SanvinaFarm on your bucket list. At this luxurious 2-bedroom private villa on a flourishing farm estate, an amazing holiday experience with enriching farm activities and acres of natural beauty awaits you. Here, you can immerse yourself in a range of luxuries — from complete privacy and dips in the river to lip smacking meals. One of our top choices for secluded holidays in the hills, here are 7 features of this farm stay near Mumbai that make it a Signature SaffronStays home.

Home Away From Home

This villa is a little paradise

This beautiful home is situated deep in the interiors of Karjat, guaranteeing complete privacy. The drive to the home is refreshing and calming as one passes by mountains, rivers, green pastures, and clear skies. Enjoy the sights of Karjat’s local villages as well as flora and fauna till you get to Mechkarwadi village, where a left turn will take you right into the farm estate. This easy drive from Mumbai and Pune means you can plan any holiday, from a simple weekend getaway to an extended, leisurely stay with the fam. Either way, the fresh air and hill station vibes will be a refreshing change from the city. With no network at this villa, you are sure to experience an excellent digital detox and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Beautiful Interiors

The furnishing at SaffronStays SanvinaFarm have been brought it from the Home Owners old haveli in Gujarat

Enter this opulent farm stay near Mumbai, where a blend of rustic aesthetics and lavish creature comforts greets you. Each piece in this home has a story to share and lends it a heritage feel to it – the furnishings of this house have been brought it from the Home Owners old haveli in Gujarat, the traditional-style swings, cabinets with intricate carvings and elegantly designed chairs to the 120-year-old wooden railing on the mezzanine. Vibrant paintings lend a cheerful splash of colour to the space, while face masks and figurine showpieces add a touch of the exotic. 

Stunning Natural Surroundings

The lush landscape of greenery at SaffronStays SanvinaFarm will rejuvenate your soul

Getting to SaffronStays SanvinaFarm is like entering a little paradise where hills surround you like a ring of towering protectors, the river murmurs all day long, and sometimes the mist leans down to kiss the tops of trees. This lush landscape of greenery will rejuvenate your soul as you let your feet touch the grass, run your fingers through leaves and savour the company of hundreds of radiant flowers.

The Unique Farm Experience

Early morning coffee at SaffronStays Sanvina Farm

Why choose this private villa for rent over the other options? The reason is the unique opportunity to experience the best of farm life. While unwinding in a hammock is always an option, working in the paddy fields with your family will lead to a special kind of bonding with them. Push your boundaries and try out new activities like milking the resident cows, Laxmi and Saraswati. You’ll be surprised at how you can feel connected with an animal! You can even make new friends with ducks, geese and one affectionate Great Dane. 

Delicious Farm-To-Table Meals

Home-fresh traditional Maharashtrian delicacies at SaffronStays Sanvina Farm

Made with ingredients from the organic farm itself, every meal at this private farm stay near Mumbai crafts an unforgettable farm-to-table experience. These home-fresh meals will nourish you to the bone and leave you patting your belly three times a day. Simple traditional Maharashtrian delicacies like pitla bhakri, bharli vangi, and bharli mirch will ensure your stomachs get filled to the brim, each coming with a different explosion of flavour — a feast fit for a holiday. 

Fun-Filled Outdoor Activities 

The farm stay is situated among the hills and green pastures

The last thing you will find at this gorgeous farm estate is boredom. The sprawling property offers a range of activities suitable for every family member. While everyone can enjoy walks through the forest and dips in the river, the more adventurous folks can opt for a spot of river rafting or take the ATV bike ride. Nature lovers will appreciate the trek to Kothaligad, 20 minutes from the farm, whereas explorers can head to the nearby dam for a lovely view. The flowery Buddha garden is the perfect place for a serene yoga session in the light of dawn. A clear space outside the home laid with stone tiles is where the family can end the day together with a warm and crackling bonfire under the stars.  

A Meal In The River

The river flowing by SaffronStays SanvinaFarm

An exclusive experience to SaffronStays SanvinaFarm is the option to have a meal in the river. Imagine being seated on a chair and table right by the cascading waters, with the flowing river creating a piece of soothing background music while a fiery sunset paints the sky above you. With the twittering birds and rustling greenery as your only company, you can relish vegetarian gourmet meals with a seating arranged in the river — a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t find anywhere else!

Able to accommodate all types of guests, from nuclear four-person family holidays to reunions and celebrations with groups of eight, this farm stay near Mumbai is a complete holiday package. Book our luxury signature home, SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, now!

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