Shocking things Guests say

As the year draws to an end, we look back on some moments that exasperated us, annoyed us and now, in hindsight, tickle us. So here’s a blog full of funny incidents!

Guests say, We say (well, mostly in our minds):

1) “We will not sleep at all, can you not charge ‘extra-bedding charges’.
– Um..mmm
2) “I need a room with a lake view, and a view of the mountains. It has to be on the ground floor. Has to overlook the front lawn also.
– Wait, WHAT???!!
3) “Will I get fresh seafood in Mahabaleshwar?”
4) “How many trees are there at the farmhouse plantation?”
– 668 last counted, ma’am!
5) “We are very light eaters and will not eat much, so do not charge us for meals.
– Like seriously?!

6) “Is there a McDonalds or Pizza hut next to the villa in the interiors of Nagaon village?

– {Dials JustDial on the side}

7) “Why does the host not have room overlooking the front lawn on the ground floor, when there is such a room on the first floor?”
– Sorry ma’am, we will get the architect debarred immediately
8) “I think your heritage villa looks like a very average property. I am looking for a very hi-end luxury property. I can’t spend more than Rs.300 per person per night.”
– Wait, did you just say hi-end?!
9) “If I take my own bed and pillow, will I still have to pay extra bedding?”
10) “There were a lot of moths and insects around the jungle cottage”
Thanks Sir, they are special invitees to the plantation during monsoon
11) “I want to go on a holiday where there is no sea / beach and there are no mountains.
– How about the Mars, Sir? The views there are magnificent

If you’re a homeowner and laughed at how silly guests could get, read on and see what some of your own kin say!

1) “Of course, we are pet friendly. The pet can stay in the room however, he should not bark!!”
2) “We have an a.c unit however I cannot guarantee if it will work.
3) “We have huge beds. 7-8 adults can sleep.”
– Minions?
4) “We gave away the room you booked to another guest. But we did accommodate your guests in another home. Homestay is all about adjustment.
– Sure, sure.
5) “If you do not take a meals package, you will not have access to any crockery and cutlery in the villa. No spoons for you if you don’t take our meals.”

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