Share For Share Exchange Agreement

The structure of stock exchanges can be flexible. The approach varies depending on your circumstances. Structures must be created in a list of steps to manage the order of events and minimize errors. We implement shares for stock exchanges in a variety of situations. In our experience, the most common scenarios are: this shared exchange agreement (this agreement) is concluded at the time of the aforementioned date (the “effective date”) of and between (i) Sollensys Corp. of a Nevada company (the “company”); (ii) Eagle Lake Laboratories, Inc., a Florida company (“Eagle Lake”), (iii) of each Eagle Lake shareholder, as stated on the signature pages (the “Eagle Lake Shareholders”) and (iv) Donald Beavers as a representative of Eagle Lake shareholders (the “shareholder representatives”). Each of the Eagle Lake and Eagle Lake Shareholders can be called “Eagle Lake Parties” and separately “Eagle Lake Party” in this game. Each member of the company, the Eagle Lake Party and shareholders may be collectively referred to as “party” and separately “party.” Depending on the basis of the shareholding, it may be necessary to address the following concerns: the separation of the activity involves the separation of the business into two or more companies and a change of shareholders. The industry can be reached by cash payment or by asset transfer. Asset transfers are often referred to as cash dividends.

In addition to tax considerations, there are obligations that directors must consider before making a decision on cash or active payments. The company can ask HMRC for tax assistance, so there is no capital gains tax when shareholders exchange stakes in one company for another. Unlocking can also confirm that there is no income tax debt. We recommend that HMRC authorizations be obtained because there are no fees charged by HMRC and provide a degree of security for taxpayers. This clause defines the agreement to sell and purchase the sale shares. The rights, benefits and ownership over and over the shares of the assignment are sold under this clause with a full title guarantee, which means that the assignor has the right to sell the shares, that the assignor does everything in his power to allocate the title at his own expense and that the sale is exempt from any charge. Since this is a share exchange, this clause should be acceptable. This final share exchange agreement (“agreement”) of June 29, 2020 is part of Futuris Technology Services, Inc. (“Futuris”), a Virginia-based company at 4506 Daly Drive, Suite-100, Chantilly VA 20151 (the sole owner of Pioneer Global Inc., a Virginia company (“Pioneer”), the shareholders of Futuris (together the “shareholders”) and Mission Mining Co., a Wyoming company (“MISM”), located on Baltimore Road 22. , Rockville, MD 20850, and Kalyan Pathuri, President of MISM (“Pathuri”). Together, the shareholders, Futuris, MISM and Pathuri are the “parties”.

This SHARE EXCHANGE AGREEMENT (the “agreement”) will be concluded on August 10, 2016 by and between CORRECTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Wyoming company (“Biotechnologies”), with offices at 605 W.