Service Agreement For Nail Salon

4. OWNERSHIP. The titles, property rights and intellectual property rights of the service remain in the hands of the provider. The Service is protected by copyright laws and agreements. Titles and related rights to the content that can be accessed through the hosted service or services are the property of the owner of the relevant content and may be protected by law. This license does not give you any rights to this content, except for your data that you download and save. (d) The pensioner must agree to meet with the franchisee`s and franchisee`s staff and agrees to conduct all tests required by the franchisee to determine the franchisee`s suitability and ability to own and manage a salon. 5.1 You agree that NAIL, its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, and its respective licensees, successors and assigns, shall be free from all rights, actions or proceedings of third parties of any kind and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees, arising out of or in respect of your use of the Site, including, but not limited to, the use of the Site you have made your contribution by NAIL and any violation or alleged violation of your warranties, assurances or agreements below. The Salon Independent Contractor Agreement establishes a binding agreement between a hairdresser or hairdresser and a salon company. In most cases, the hairdresser is an independent contractor responsible for acquiring his own clients and clients. .