RoRo from SoBo for a perfect Alibaug day-cation

More and more people are seeking easier and faster ways to relax and unwind without having to take long leaves and travel far. A day-cation is a perfect blend of travel, leisure, and convenience.  But not every hotel, resort, or holiday home can be a day-cation spot. After all, you wish to maximize your experience in the limited time that you spend at a day-cation site, isn’t it? When you’re thinking day-cation, you’re thinking of – a quick getaway, a property loaded with amenities, and a hassle-free experience!

While Alibaug has always been the fastest getaway for SoBo folks seeking a vacation, the soon-to-be-launched RoRo ferry service from Bhaucha Dhakka, Mumbai to Mandwa, Alibaug has just given Alibaug lovers another big reason to plan a getaway there. And regarding holiday homes there? Check out these four SaffronStays properties curated, especially for the day-cationer in you:

SaffronStays Thalassea, Thal, Alibaug

The simplicity of SaffronStays Thalassea, a 3-bedroom beach home on Thal Beach, lends an effortless charm to the times spent here.  Be it the fiery sunsets or the starlit sky, you can appreciate it all from the comfort of a beach facing balcony at Thalassea. In fact, you can plan that perfect wedding proposal and the candle-lit dinner that follows it, right here on this balcony! The large garden in front of the property, dotted with coconut trees, invites you for leisurely walks or a rejuvenating yoga and meditation session. The interiors of the villa are a unique amalgamation of paintings, decor, and furnishings that come from palaces and mansions from all over the country. So be it a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or even a pre-wedding photoshoot, Thalassea has so much to offer for every occasion.

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SaffronStays Osaree, Kihim, Alibaug

Do you wish to roam in the pleasant aroma of Nilgiri and fresh fruit trees, such as Coconut, Chikoo, Guava, and many others? SaffronStays Osaree, a 5-bedroom pool villa is your perfect escape with all the right ingredients to fulfil your demands. This vacation home can easily accommodate up to 30 people. This is a beautiful location for everyone, but we’re not being biased when we’re saying that this is a perfect day-cation spot for the youngsters to just chill and relax. Be it an after-exam party, a casual get together, or a fun pool party, youngsters and their squad will find that Osaree has the perfect vibe for all of this and more. Without any itineraries, you can now go on a day-cation to remember with your friends. You also get to relish the best of Alibaug delicacies and seafood specialities. And if you are thinking about the affordability, SaffronStays has that sorted for you too. Packages start at as low as INR 1,700 per person!

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SaffronStays 7 Seas, Awas, Alibaug

7 Seas is a 7 bedroom spacious pool villa that can accommodate 21 guests. This farmstay comes with a pool and contemporary furnishings, making your stay fun, peaceful, and classy. The terrace at the property creates the perfect setting for moments of solitude and conversations with the moon. Imagine a mommy and kid outing here! Or a mommy get-together! Just laze around with your kids under the sun and over nature’s green carpet and do nothing for a change (Read our blog about Do-Nothing Holidays). All in all, SaffronStays 7 Seas, is the perfect day-cation paradise for mommies with their kids and those with big families.

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SaffronStays Masaya, Zirad, Alibaug

The biggest business deals should be signed in the most peaceful locations. SaffronStays Masaya makes for a quintessential work(day)cation with the open-to-air dining area, outdoor seating, and two private waterfalls for that luxurious yet close-to-nature vibe. The cheat code here is to win your clients’ hearts with not just your ideas and presentation, but also with the picturesque view on the hilltop! In fact, not just business meets but also for company off-sites, brainstorming sessions, strategy discussions, or Friday sessions with the team, Masaya is a great choice. From sumptuous Marwari cuisine to trekking on the private mountain nearby to guided walks through the organic garden and handpicking various herbs like basil and peppermint, you and your colleagues can bond over just so many awesome things at Masaya.

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While staycations and vacations have their own merits, day-cations are a steal deal that provides you with quick relaxation therapy. Take a day-cation and enjoy moments of love and care with family and friends, or enhance professional relationships without the hassle of an overnight stay or worrying about the budgets.

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