Private Pool Villas to Beat The Heat This Summer

Day by day as the mercury soars upwards, we ache to transport ourselves to cooler climes. But, given the uncertainty of our current pandemic situation, it is safe to say that long-distance travel should be avoided for good, at least for a while. However, you need not stay locked in within your concrete city walls, when you can safely make it to private villas and getaway homes in quaint locales. Safe family holidays in private pool villas around Mumbai or long staycations in Alibaug are some of the ways to ensure this looming lockdown phase can be tackled a little better with your close family by your side. With remote working facilitating workations, WiFi-equipped private pool villas that are serviced by trained, and tested caretakers promise to be the ultimate summer destination this season.

Take a Workation in Private Villas 

One of the best trends to emerge after the Covid Lockdown Of 2020, is the ability and freedom for most employees to take their work along on a vacation. With fresh home-cooked meals, cooked just to suit your tastebuds, in a safe and sanitised environment, you need not worry about any other chores throughout the day. When we Do It For You (DIFM) instead of you Doing It Yourself (DIY), you’ll definitely get some work-life balance back into your life. 

SaffronStays Constellations Orion, Khandala
SaffronStays Constellations Orion, Khandala

SaffronStays Constellations Aquila, is a 5-bedroom private pool villa in Khandala, equipped with WiFi. The spacious living room facing the pool or each room opening to views of the sunset – you can choose to set up your work desk with a picturesque wallpaper. The trained team of chefs will whip up a medley of cuisines with a wide variety of menus to choose from. In the same complex, there is another beautiful 5-bedroom pool villa Constellations Orion too. So if you’re a large family and want to spend your summer vacation together safely, you know where to be… Think golden summers with your extended families!

SaffronStays Seaview Soiree, Gorai
SaffronStays Seaview Soiree, Gorai

If you’re hesitant about stepping out of the city, a fully serviced private villa (almost) within Mumbai works just fine for a workation. Seaview Soiree in Gorai is a 4-bedroom private pool villa equipped with WiFi and is pet-friendly too. With two-level garden lawns, your pet can run around endlessly and you can clock in some pre-work exercise too. While the study room, which offers unobstructed views of the surroundings, already has a work desk set-up, all you have to do is jump into the pool after a long day of work. Or better, take your next Zoom call from the pool – no one’s going to mind!
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Summer Getaways at Private Pool Villas Around Mumbai 

The luxury of having a private pool at your disposal sounds like the happy summer vacation we’ve earned after the last 13 months. With residential societies closing their pools in times of COVID-19, safe private pool villas where the pools are regularly sanitised make ideal summer getaways.

SaffronStays Santorini Sunsets, Talegaon

Would you believe us if we told you that you can experience the Greek island life just 2 -hours away from Mumbai and barely an hour away from Pune? SaffronStays Santorini Sunsets, a new gem in Talegaon will make your eyes sparkle with its elegance. This private pool villa near Pune is your quickest escape to Greece since you cannot get the real deal right now. Sip on a cocktail as you relax in the loungers around an azure blue pool with a tangerine sunset for company. Pictures from this summer vacation will have everyone quipping about how you managed to reach Greece right now!

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

You’ll be spoilt for choice at SaffronStays Casa Manga, a private pool villa in Karjat. This beautiful elderly-friendly villa has sprawling lawns surrounded by mango plantations – remember gorging on kachchi kairis when you were younger? Our caretakers will help you pluck fresh fruit off the trees… talk about a perfect summer memory! Play a game of water polo in the large pool or bond over some board games in the gazebo and call it a day with a barbecue session under the stars here. 

SaffronStays Dhyana, Vikramgad
SaffronStays Dhyana, Vikramgad

If you want a quiet relaxing vacation for your family, SaffronStays Dhyana in Wada is welcoming for its solitude. In this 2-bedroom elderly-friendly villa near Mumbai, you can relax in the pool with the calming cooing of local birds around you. Just take time off work, give everyone a good break amidst nature for a few days and let your mind refresh with this quiet summer getaway. SaffronStays Ekaant, is another 3-bedroom private villa in the same gated complex. So if you have two families traveling together, these private pool villas can ensure privacy as well as a chance to bond with everyone. 

If you just want to spend a weekend getaway this summer with your pets, SaffronStays Stella Aurora, is a pet-friendly private villa with a pool in Lonavala. If you have an internet dongle, you can make it a workation trip with a set-up in the private balconies. Who said working on weekends was drab?

Pool or Beach? The Best of Both Worlds at The Best Pool Villas in Alibaug 

Pool or beach, proximity to any waterbody feels welcoming in this torrid weather. In Alibaug, the most obvious choice for heading to a beach close to Mumbai and Pune, you can get both. Check out some beautiful private pool villas in and around Alibaug to beat the heat this summer.

SaffronStays Nivriti Beach House, Kashid

Picture this: staying in between a forest and a beach, watching sunsets from your room, dipping in the pool, lazing around in the hammock, kids jumping around on the trampoline, or a camping set-up on the lawns, all in one place! SaffronStays Nivriti Beach House in Kashid paves the way for an unforgettable family summer vacation. This 7-bedroom pool villa is located 10 mins from Kashid beach, faces a forest and is the ideal getaway bungalow for a large group of cousins or friends.

SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Spend your summers with a pinch of salt (Geddit?) at SaffronStays Summer Salt, an elderly-friendly villa in Alibaug. Tucked away on a secluded part of Akshi beach, this private pool villa with 6 spacious rooms embraces the cool ocean breeze from 17 doors! A thoughtfully constructed villa with colonial-style furnishings promises an air of coziness for the elderly members and opulence for the younger ones. Reading books in the library and having heart-to-hearts on the lawn to the sound of crashing waves will be the best way to celebrate the Summer of ‘21. And with Alibaug style freshly cooked meals or coastal delicacies to relish, your vacation here only gets better.

Whether you plan a workation or a short summer break, our safe and sanitised private villas with incredible views and pools will ensure your unwinding does not involve more screen time. Paired with delicious home-like meals and no worry about household chores, make your summer staycation a refreshing break you deserve.

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