self care in quarantine

Practice Social-Distancing and Self-Care in the time of Quarantine

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, government bodies across the globe have urged their citizens to practice ‘social-distancing’, and ‘self-quarantine’ themselves. Our lives are bound to program in a certain manner. Scheduled meetings, calls, conferences, household activities, community events, etc leave us with no time for ‘self- care’. Perhaps, there is a way to deal with social distancing – cherishing the unhurried moments of togetherness, where you have ample time to spend on yourself, and with your nearest ones.

So what can one do to keep calm and sane when you’re cooped up inside? We have a couple of suggestions for you to stay occupied while you live indoors: 

Engage in self-care activities:

Practising self-care isn’t always easy. Most of us work for long hours – stressful jobs, scheduled plans and unobstructed consumption of social media sites has left us with no ‘me-time’. There is nothing more dampening than not being able to take out time for yourselves. With a relaxed work routine, you may be able to catch an extra hour of sleep (It’s time you got money bags in the bank, not under your eyes) or engage in stimulating activities. It could be playing video games, reading a book or video calling your friends for a group chat. 

Energize by taking up yoga or meditation:

An entire untapped universe of ‘How To Do Yoga and Meditation’ is waiting for you on YouTube. Some instructors are even live-streaming lesson, given the increase in demand and popularity. When business is going on, as usual, we end up missing workouts, exercising and meditation;  now’s the perfect time to pick up your 2020 resolution. Get back to your fitness goals. 

Relax and practice some self-care activities
Relax and practice some self-care activities

Embrace a hobby: 

Social distancing basically means staying indoors, away from your regular social circles. Indulge in a hobby that drives you – one where you can stop to smell the flowers! As for me, I love to experiment in the kitchen and used this time to stock up on ingredients and try my hands on online recipes. Choose your hobby from that bucket list you’ve been drawing up since eternity – sketching, writing, cooking, knitting, whatever it is. Let’s keep it minimal and offline.

Read a good book/ Learn a new skill: 

Yes, there is a limit to the hours you spend on Netflix – now’s the time to find an alternative to entertain yourself. Unplug the TV, hide all your gadgets and let’s get back to our basic: read that book you always wanted too or learn a new skill you’ve been thinking of. Time will fly by, and you’ll be proud of how you’ve spent your time at home. After all, a new skill set is always a great conversation starter! So, be productive and enhance your skills. 

Complete reading that unfinished book
Complete reading that unfinished book

Communicate more with your family:

You might often feel guilty about spending less time with your nearest ones. Use this time to bond with your kids, elders in the house or your spouse. Play board games, cook good food and talk about all the great memories you’ve made together. Use technology to connect on a video call with your distanced relatives and recreate old memories. Make the most of this time with your loved ones. Leave all the anxiety aside, as you are safe at home. 

Bond over video call in the time of quarantine
Bond over video call in the time of quarantine

Let’s consider this as an opportunity to practice some self-care and social distancing for the sake of our fellow citizens.

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