5 heritage stays you can live at in Gujarat this Navratri!

It’s not unheard-of to find non Gujaratis enjoying Navratri. However, one needs to witness the real charm and energy that runs through the veins of Gujarat and its people during these 9 days of dance festival. Women in lehenga cholis and men in traditional kedias look their best on festive evenings when they gather to perform Garba and Dandiya Rasa. Navratri is most beautiful, colourful, musical and gracious in Gujarat! Visit here to overwhelm your senses with the riot of colors in every nook and corner.

Are you travelling to Gujarat this month? Here is a list where you can experience Navratri like a local.

# 01. A 200 year old Heritage home in Ahemdabad

Experience a typical Gujarati lifestyle with a joint family here who serves delicious home cooked Gujarati delicacies. The family warmly welcomes their guests to celebrate festivities of Gujarat. They have a beautiful Rajvadi style home decor.


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# 02. A traditional house with an Ordo in Ahemdabad

This place gives an experience of the traditional retiring rooms of the olden times. When electricity was not available, ‘Ordo‘ was a cool retiring area for the families to recede in. Live in a small lounge over looking the central court of the house.


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# 03. Kick back & relax at a Heritage house in Sayla, Saurashtra

Spend some time in rural Gujarat in a quaint village with its historic buildings, old houses, temples, ashrams, lake, weavers and handicrafts. Located at the entrance to the Saurashtra region, called the Kathiawad Peninsula, this house is a good place to stopover for lunch or a few nights stay for those travelling from Rajasthan or Ahemdabad.


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# 04. Have a memorable time in Cultural city of Vadodara

Built in 1936, this  mansion, a heritage building, with a big garden area & ample of parking space, is located in the city of Vadodara. Guests can access the lounge area, the garden, a common room ( library) and the veranda.  There is also a huge terrace with an organic terrace farm, which can be accessed on request.


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# 05. A 150 year old hilltop heritage home in Banaskatha

This 150 yr old heritage property is situated on a hill overlooking the village on one side and forest on the other side. It is the royal residential complex. The colonial style villa has spacious rooms with balconies and the ambiance is of a Royal Rajput house.


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