Best Places Around Mumbai to Experience Monsoons!

Admit it! We’ve all found enormous joy in simple things that monsoon brings along. The cravings for spicy food, cosy bed, soothing music, a good read, empty roads, long walks and getting soaked in the rain; we’ve all at some point in life, let these little joys sink in, one feeling at a time. Monsoons have arrived and it is time to brush up the good old days! So scroll down to know about places around Mumbai that will give you a rush of childhood nostalgia.

01. Khandala, Pune

“I don’t want to go out because it’s raining.” “
“I don’t want to go to school/work because it’s raining.”
“I absolutely don’t want to say a no to a cup of hot chai because it’s raining!”
Was that you? Or is that still you on a serious rainy day? The views from Khandala and Lavasa are breathtaking and trust us, you will not want to move from your window until the sun goes down or may be not even then.

02. Murud – Janjira Beach

Remember how fun getting drenched in the rain or making a sand castle on a beach was? How about going down memory lane with beachfront places in Murud and Korlai? Let the crashing sea waves relax you from all the stress a grown up life brought with it!

03. Gholvad, Maharashtra

That feeling when you want it to rain but its not and all you could do is shake off the rain water from trees! Gholvad is one of the greenest regions of Maharashtra, more so during monsoons. Shake off, climb or even hang over the tree, do what you can do to feed your childish excitements!

04. Dhapoli, Maharashtra

Have you always admired watching rains from the other side of the window? Imagine there is no roof above but you’re still inside the house, watching the monsoons in all its glory! If you’d want to enjoy rains from a distance with beautiful sea and mountain views, then Dapoli and Dona Paula, Goa is just the place to be.

05. Khopoli, Maharashtra

If you always complained your mother about your book with loose papers, that was because you’ve made paper boats by tearing out pages! Not just that but you also got into whos-boat-lasts-the-longer-in-rain competition. Didn’t you? Imagine doing that all over again at Pali.

06. Arpora, Goa

Cosy bed, great music, hot chocolate, and your favorite person besides; If this is what an ideal monsoon day is to you, look nowhere else but Goa. These warm villas in Arpora will serve you just on point.

07. Moira, Goa

Deny all but not this. No one has ever said no for good food on cold monsoon days. While it pours heavily outside, you crave for hot and spicy food and when you satisfy these cravings, there’s nothing like it, no?! These two places are known for the delicious home cooked food. Prawn curry at Moira, Goa and Maharashtrian cuisine at Matheran is our guests all time favorite!

08. Matheran, Raigad

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We have all done this at least once if not more. Matheran is just the place to be if you love to explore the nature during monsoons on foot! Not just walking trails but imagine returning to a place where you are welcomed with warm and delicious food to serve your monsoon cravings for food.

These are the experiences you can have only during the Monsoons! So why wait when you can holiday at any of the above mentioned places over the weekends?

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