The favourite summer fruit, Mango, is back! With the arrival of the king of fruits, mango madness is clearly visible in India. Suddenly it’s all about adding mango to almost anything and everything we eat. Coolers, ice creams, desserts, salads, and even savoury dishes undergo a makeover as mango makes its presence felt.

So, if the flavourful and succulent taste and the melt-in-mouth texture of the mango are what you will crave for away from home in this scorching heat, then SaffronStays homes are just the ideal getaways to spend your summer vacation. Our in-house chefs have drawn up a special mango menu this summer at our select homes to help you get your fix of mango this summer. Take a look! 

Celebrating the King of Fruit, Mango

Indulge in our specially curated Mad About Mangoes menu at SaffronStays Estella (Alibaug), SaffronStays Gardenia (Alibaug), SaffronStays Casa Del Palms (Alibaug), SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas (Lonavala), SaffronStays Casa Manga (Karjat) and SaffronStays Sundowner (Karjat).

The Mad About Mango menu is brought together with special flavours and ingredients perfect for the summer. The special menu includes beverages, salads and desserts, all created from the most awaited fruit of the season. 

From the beverages, take a sip of the delicious Aam Panna or the Raw Mango Mojito or Kacchi Keri ka Punch or the Mango Cooler. Opt for Mango and Beans Salad or Sweet and Spicy Mango Salad, or a Raw mango with sprouts and honey dressing from the Salad bowl. 

Dessert lovers can indulge in delectable options like Mango Falooda or Mango Custard and Mango Phirni, the traditional Amrakhand or the Mango Panna Cotta.

Mad About Mangoes menu will be available between May 11, 2022 and June 10, 2022 at the above mentioned SaffronStays homes. Reach out to our caretakers with a 24-hour prior notice to enjoy these scrumptious dishes, served at an additional cost.

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