Leave Footprints Not Carbon Prints…

Travelling means something different to every individual. While many travel for leisure, there are plenty who travel for adventure. And yet, no matter what kind of travelling we opt for, we need to be responsible while satisfying our travel buds. 

Here’s a tale of a young traveller, Mr Dhruv Datar – an adventure enthusiast and cyclist –  sharing his experience of cycling to Alibaug. Hope it inspires you!

Known for its serene beaches and sea forts, Alibaug has something for everyone. While the conventional route is via car or ferry, if you are an adrenaline junkie like me, you can cycle to Alibaug too. Want to know how? Let’s get rolling…

I consider cycling as one of my many passions, and so, one crisp winter morning, my friend and I decided to head out for an early morning ride to Alibaug. It was the month of December, and we drew up a route all the way from Mumbai to Murud-Janjira. The cool weather was perfect for cycling. We started with an early ferry ride, from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty.  (The cost incurred per person including the cycle was Rs. 200). Sun-kissed sky accompanied by a flock of seagulls gave a great kick-start to our morning.

Our first stop was a cosy a homestay named Kshanbhar Vishranti to have tea and breakfast. Once we were fed, we cycled till Revdanda. Our journey was tested by patchy roads; if you think Mumbai roads are bad for cycling, Alibaug isn’t much better off – rough stretches, potholes, and tiny trails made our ride a wee bit challenging. As the day drew, the gentle cool breeze turned into a dull heatwave. Despite these circumstances, we pushed ourselves for miles, and at last, we reached the Revdanda bridge.

If you want to absorb the true essence of a place, a random chat with locals works like magic. We found our magic was Korlai. While the original plan was to head to Murud-Janjira Fort, a little chat with the Korlai locals made us change our plans; we decided to head to Korali Fort instead.  The route was precarious and steep but offset by the breathtaking sea on one side, and tall trees on the other. Riding through this route reminded me of my all-time favourite computer game Road Rash, Pacific Highway Level.

After reaching Korlai Fort, we found a perfect spot to pitch our tents. The boiled eggs which we’d carried along for dinner went stale, given the drastic weather change. We called it a night with dates for dinner. 

The nippy breeze coupled with the sound of waves put us right to sleep. The fort guarding our back and a 180° view of the sea along with our dear buddy BTWIN made us forget all our day’s troubles.

Even though the trip wasn’t exactly as we planned, the unexpected turn of events led to amazing discoveries.

They say, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, but when you experience it, it changes your perspective – I definitely learnt it myself, that day.

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