Explore The Magic Of These 10 Luxury Villas In & Around Nashik

Looking for a close-by holiday destination that will sweep you off your feet? Nashik is your best shot! A slice of paradise, at Nashik you will find the tranquil beauty of vineyards, wide-open fields, and hills. You not only get unparalleled views but also the opportunity to go grape picking and wine tasting right at its source. Head out during February and March to see the vineyards at their best and to savour the ideal holiday weather. Stay at one of our enchanting villas in Nashik and treat yourself to a heavenly vacation! Unwind and relax or indulge yourself in one of the villa’s many luxuries. 

1. SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty

A 4-bedroom private villa where you can wake up to stunning views of organic farms and end the day with a walk to the Dindori vineyard. Take the countryside experience a notch up by pitching a tent on the lawn and exchanging stories around a bonfire. Make this villa in Nashik your private home and enjoy a unique tree-to-taste experience like none other! 

No. of guests: 8-12

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty

2. SaffronStays Villa Vino

This 3-bedroom riverside villa in Nashik has a few magical nights in store from you. From chit-chatting in the wine cellar-like lounge to enjoying a BBQ night under the stars, Villa Vino crafts an unforgettable experience. The stunning views of the Godavari river will keep you mesmerised. You just won’t feel like going back! 

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Villa Vino

3. SaffronStays Zen

Being surrounded by near-endless greenery through a glass fronted facade is a great way to rejuvenate your soul. This splendid private villa with gorgeous views of Lake Kadwa is just an hour’s drive from Sula Vineyards and just cosy enough for intimate gatherings and celebrations. Trees that reach the skies, a wraparound porch and endless nature as far as the eyes can see are what greet you at this beautiful abode.

No. of guests: 6-11

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Zen

4. SaffronStays Eden

Doesn’t the sparkling blue water make you want to jump in? Located just a quick drive from Mumbai, you definitely can! Eden is the perfect place to holiday with a larger group. You can contently bubble in the jacuzzi, explore the adjacent grape farm or head for splash under Someshwar waterfalls 20 minutes away. With a long, leisurely stay, you can do it all and more!

No. of guests: 6-12

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Eden

5. SaffronStays Bloomingdale

A perfect family-sized villa in Nashik, Bloomingdale has everything you need for a break from the city. A seasonal river, a gorgeous orchard, and a private pool which is the perfect place to play with the kids. For those with itchy feet, there are some truly scenic spots nearby including Beze Dam, Anjaneri Hills, and Trimbakeshwar Temple.

No. of guests: 6-10

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Bloomingdale

6. SaffronStays Whispering Windmill

Swaddle yourself with creature comforts at this lavish 2-bedroom villa in Nashik. The plush interiors, delicious meals, and heated pool tick all the boxes for a luxury vacation. This holiday home is ideal for small families and in close proximity to some fascinating tourist attractions like Dugarwadi Waterfall and Harihar Fort.  

No. of guests: 4-6

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Whispering Windmill

7. SaffronStays Mega Farms By The River

Need a place to reconnect with some friends or celebrate a family function? Check out this spacious elderly-friendly private villa that is ideal for get togethers. Spend your mornings in the verandah overlooking the lush greenery and gently flowing river, trek around the large estate or simply dig into scrumptious local food freshly prepared for you. Bhawali and Vihigaon Waterfalls are less than an hour from the home.

No. of guests: 6-10

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Mega Farms By The River

8. SaffronStays Silver Spring

Surrounded by wide green lawns and dam backwaters, at Silver Springs you will feel the embrace of nature. At dusk, you can watch the sun dip behind the mountains by the horizon. Let your hair down and feel free to indulge in the activity room’s games or the indoor bar. Here, you can step away from your worries and take a true breath of fresh air.

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Silver Spring

9. SaffronStays All That Jazz

A slightly offbeat holiday retreat in Nashik, this glass treehouse provides an unmissable experience. The deluxe villa offers your own personal pool, unbeatable views and the magic of being in the middle of a forest. Make this villa your safe haven for a few days and you’ll get a 100% stress-free sojourn. 

No. of guests: 4-6

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays All That Jazz

10. SaffronStays Arezu

A 6-bedroom mansion that welcomes every kind of celebration and gathering, Arezu offers a mix of architectural influences – colorful ceramic frames and Moroccon tiles, large French windows and traditional influences. Families will love this private estate as there is plenty of space for a quick game of cricket, stunning views of waterfalls during monsoons and plenty of place to cycle, hike or indulge in group activities.

No. of guests: 10-20

Book your slice of paradise: SaffronStays Arezu

Please note, some of the activities are available at additional costs. You’ll get all the information on inquiring at check-in. Our trained and vaccinated staff will ensure your stay is free of stress and full of cheer. So, pack your bags and head to these villas in Nashik before they fill up. It’s time to wine, dine, and recline. 

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