Exceptional celebrations happen when exclusivity weds inclusivity

Can a celebration be exciting yet boring at the same time? Well sometimes, it can. Traditional Indian ceremonies, be it a god dhana, a roka, or a haldi, are perfect examples of this paradox. On one end, you’ll see the nervous couple-to-be-wed along with their close family on edge, excited, and highly involved in the rituals. And then there are the other guests – kids, distant relatives, family friends, and other people you invited to be courteous but didn’t expect to show up – who are bored, uninvolved, and sidelined for most of the event. For the former, the time just flies while the latter bide their time as the puja or the tilak ceremony drags on. 

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been invited to such celebrations. And chances are, you didn’t enjoy most of them, or worse, you don’t even remember them! Now, you wouldn’t want your guests to feel the same way about your big occasions, would you?

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How does a haldi celebration on the lawns overlooking Andre Dam at SaffronStays L’Attitude, Kamshet sound?

To make traditional celebrations into unforgettable memories for both you and your guests, you need to rethink the way you look at these ceremonies. To overcome the aforementioned paradoxical conundrum, you have to think in paradoxes when it comes to the solution too — like making your events exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Wondering how? Read on to find out.

Be exclusive in who you invite… 

You probably want everyone you know to be a part of your pre-wedding celebrations. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. But don’t you think that by inviting more than just your nearest and dearest ones, your budget, time, and attention would be spread too thin? Your celebration may end up being like any other for all your guests and exceptional for no one. You may even end up isolating the people that truly matter to you while trying to please everyone. On the other hand, hosting an exclusive celebration where you only invite those that are closest to you can make them feel special while leaving you a little less hassled with planning and preparation.  

Instead of inviting your entire neighbourhood to your roka or haldi, you can send out your RSVPs to a select few whose presence you’d really appreciate on your special day. That way, you can treat your closest people to an exceptional experience at exclusive locations like SaffronStays Parnakuti in Nashik, where they can have a memorable evening enjoying a view of the peaceful countryside. Or you can plan an intimate day out at SaffronStays Gardenia, a uber-luxe modern villa with a lovely lawn. Your options become limitless when you limit the people you want to invite to your special events.  

Thinking intimate weddings? Think private vacation villas!

…but inclusive in the entertainment you provide 

So, you’ve narrowed down your guest list and have a clear idea of who you want at your engagement ceremony. Now it is time to ensure that everyone that you do invite gets the special treatment they deserve. And how do you do that? By ensuring that every guest is entertained. Now, more often than not, your guest list would comprise of whole families with people belonging to different age groups, each having their own idea of entertainment. To accommodate all their requirements, you’ll have to include a comprehensive variety of activities in your celebration plan. 

You’ll have to pick a venue that has the provisions to entertain all your guests, like SaffronStays Falcon Hill in Lonavala, a home that has something fun for everyone. From the infinity pool that both adults and kids can swim in, to the double-storey living area that elders can sit in and socialize, to games of poker, snooker, and table tennis that can allow your friends to have a fun evening together. Or you can have a fun and private sangeet night at SaffronStays Casa Blanca. The villa features a pool and bar area, a dance hall with a DJ-console setup, and a cricket pitch, where you can spoil your guests with three of the most potent social bribes –  drinks, dance, and sport. Now, if this isn’t a perfect location for people to get together, we don’t know what is.

SaffronStays Casa Blanca has something for everyone on your guest-list

Be exclusive in the destination you choose…

For most pre-wedding celebrations, the venue itself defines the experience. You can make your special celebrations highly memorable for your guests by picking unfrequented, private locations instead of traditional venues like banquet halls and resorts. This makes the occasion feel more special for everyone involved. If you have a small enough group of invitees, you can host your roka or engagement ceremony somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Private villas like L’Attitude and Nisarga are all ideal options for people who want to host a roka or a haldi at an unconventional, relatively pristine location.

…but inclusive in your hospitality

Just because you host your engagement at a non-traditional venue doesn’t mean it is okay to compromise on necessary amenities. You need to check if your engagement venue has the amenities to provide all of your guests. For instance, if your guests include elders, you should ensure that most parts of your venue are easily accessible, just like at SaffronStays Constellations, where every villa is equipped with a private elevator. Including other features like multi-cuisine meals, jacuzzis, and minibars means that you leave nothing to be desired in terms of hospitality for all your guests.    

Perfect picnic brunch vibes at SaffronStays Masaya!

To summarize, traditional pre-wedding functions can be absolute snoozefests for all – except the ones tying the knot. And that is something you should avoid if you really want your guests to celebrate, enjoy, and remember your big moments with you. By being exclusive in who you invite and the venue you pick, while being inclusive when planning for entertainment and hospitality, you can have a ceremony that all your guests reminisce for a long time – and for all the right reasons.

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