Eat, Sleep, (Pool), Repeat: The Mantra of a Do Nothing Vacation!

Family in swimming pool in private villa for weekend getaway from Mumbai

Mumbai – the city of dreams.
While an outsider may applaud the efforts a Mumbaikar puts day in and day out, only seldom do they realize what it takes to live in the city. To do nothing is a luxury not many can afford in this city, and making time for oneself gets the lowest priority. There’s your job, your house, your gym, your weekend classes, and a whole lot of traffic to swim through! So where’s the time for your spouse… your partner… yourself? While tourists from other cities in India may look forward to some thrill, activity, and a long itinerary on their vacation, Mumbaikars long for lullness, inactivity, and sheer do-nothingness.

This article is dedicated to those Mumbaikars who demand a do-nothing vacation. Read on to see how we decode ‘do-nothing’ for you as – Eat, Sleep, (Pool), Repeat!

Do-Nothing Holiday by a swimming pool near Mumbai

A city that never sleeps needs some sleep

According to a study by The Hindu, “71% of Mumbaikars are sleep-deprived and stressed”. On the other hand, Asian Age’s research states that ‘sleepcation’ is a common trend in the west, which is gradually catching up with  Indians too. 

You see the connection here? These studies show an absolute correlation between the two and explain why every Mumbaikar deserves time to sleep, relax and rejuvenate after all that they go through! Mumbaikars are in desperate need of a vacation that demands nothing from them and allows them to lie in bed all day long. And that’s what a quintessential do-nothing vacation is all about. You require this kind of do-nothing vacation once in a while to leave you with an energized aura and in a wave of utter bliss.

Beat the “Eat, Sleep, Repeat minus the eat”

Whether on social media or in everyday conversations, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” is a loosely used phrase that one (especially a Mumbaikar) often utters but rarely experiences.  It’s almost ironic how Mumbai is so famous for its street food and other delicacies, yet Mumbaikars have literally no time to relish them. If they want a yummy meal, they better have some extra time on hand or be prepared to squeeze in the cooking time in an already packed schedule! A do-nothing vacation is a Mumbaikar’s chance to beat such ironies and savour their favourite meals while putting in zero thought and playing to the tunes of a menu awaiting their order in a resort of their choice maybe.

Time to slow down and sip by the pool

Pools can do miracles for you and we’re not making this up, we swear! Pools are proven to release endorphins, which reduces stress and makes you feel calm.  Vacation by a pool is your chance to get yourself some peaceful me-time or the romantic and fun-filled couple moments, while you sip the worries away with a glass of your favourite cocktail or a detox juice. Soak in the golden sunlight or the silver moonshine; pool time feels ecstatic any time of the day.

Yes, you might love Mumbai from the bottom of your heart, but a little getaway will help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. It will help you appreciate the time and experience the luxury of doing nothing!

So, it’stime now to pack your bags with absolutely no itinerary and with the sole plan of curling up in the blanket, digging into piping-hot, freshly-prepared, home-cooked meals, and lazying by the pool.

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