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Discovering local food in Homestays across India

As travellers, we’re always on the look out for restaurants and dhabas that will give us a taste of local food, irrespective of whether we’re in a city or somewhere exotic. Sometimes, we stumble upon, or are directed to the right food joints, but other times, we come back from a beautiful place with no idea what the food there tasted like.

Call us lucky, but when we travelled, we managed to satisfy both our curiosity and cravings without stepping out of the comfort of the home stays that we were staying in. Our team and some of our favourite travel bloggers share their stories about discovering local food in home stays across India.  Get your taste buds tingling.


New found love for Bamboo shoot – tasting Assamese cuisine in Guwahati 

Homestay in Guwahati
Delicious and flavoursome Assamese cuisine. Photo by Tejas Parulekar

“We’d reached Guwahati after a long day of travel and once in the beautiful home stay run by Mrs. Sheila, we began pining for some authentic local food. So, at a short notice, our cook-cum-caretaker,  prepared a flavoursome chicken curry with bamboo shoots – a traditional Assamese dish. I was reluctant at first as I recalled the vegetable curries infused with bamboo shoots that we make back home in Maharashtra and one that I am not a big fan of for its pungent flavour. But as I slowly took a bite of the chicken, I was in for a surprise. It was delicious and the chicken seemed to balance the flavours perfectly well. Just when I thought I was done, the cook served us with another surprise – a delicious chocolate pudding – not a local cuisine but it’s definitely one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.” (Click here to book a stay with Mrs. Sheila)

– Tejas Parulekar (Co-founder, SaffronStays)


Stress busting menu – Cocktail and hot Nepalese cuisine in Sikkim

sikkim homestays
Delicious Nepalese cuisine in Sikkim. Photo by Sarita Santoshini

“I reached the village of Chota Singtam after a long day in Gangtok and stepped into Mrs. Lalita’s large, stand-alone Bungalow a little more tired than usual. The whiff of fresh vegetables being cooked in freshly grounded spices welcomed me through the verendah and lifted my spirits instantly. After a long chat, she set the table with bowls of hot vegetable soup and  a plate full of chicken momos –delicious Nepalese dishes that are a part of most locals’ everyday diet in Sikkim. We also took long swigs of Bay Breeze, a delicious cocktail of white rum, cranberry and pineapple juice perfected by Mrs. Besnett in minutes. Breakfast next day was home-made bread, mayonnaise and peanut butter. Needless to say, I am a huge fan.” (Click here to book a stay with Mrs. Lalita)

– Sarita Santoshini (Content Editor, SaffronStays. )


Not just another bread, but a delicious souvenior – Tasting Poi in Goa

Homestays in Goa
Poi with Chicken Xacuti makes a perfect set for a dinner spread. Photo by Amrita Das

“It was a memorable moment for a non-bread lover, the first time poi’s light husk fell on my fingers in a home stay. I remember tearing the perfect round bun into two and as my thumbs gently broke into the soft texture of the fresh dough, I knew this would soon become a part of my every day diet. Poi is a Goan local bread which is served with almost everything from rasa omelette to chicken xacuti. It can be had with anything or nothing. As a part of my seasonal job as a property manager of a boutique homestay in Goa, I was expected to know the local delicacies. However, poi wasn’t just another local delicacy in the state. Very subtly spiced and hollow in the centre, one fresh poi is good to set you throw the day as a part of your breakfast. My friends and guests have packed poi and returned to their homes, as if it were a Goan souvenir.”

– Amrita Das ( Writer at )


A hearty Malayalam breakfast – eating Puttu right for the first time in Kerala

Kerala homestays
When in Kerala, make sure to try a hearty breakfast of Puttu. Image Source :

“Puttu, honestly, is not something I thought I liked. But after having tasted it at Maranat Mana, I realised I hadn’t eaten the right stuff till then! Imagine alternating layers of ground brown rice and coconut, steamed in bamboo cylinders and then tumbled onto your plate in neat sections of white and light brown. This is then topped and surrounded by a dark, rich kadala or gram curry. Roughly ground coconut against the soft texture of rice chased by spicy curry that breaks through the sweetness of that coconut. What you have is a breakfast that could easily masquerade as lunch! But it didn’t end there. This was washed down with a cup of strong filter kaapi, and then sealed with sticky and sweet steamed plantains. Excuse me, can you ask for a stretcher please?”

– bhavani (Writer at )


Simple, authentic and delicious – Feasting on a Malvani spread in Maharashtra

Maharashtra homestays
A delicious Malvani spread . Photo Source :

“It’d been a nasty ST bus journey from Mumbai to Velas. The sight of the welcoming shore was something to feast on. But the body demanded a real feast or at least some nourishment. Settled on the floor right next to our homestay host’s kitchen from where the aroma of hot pipping food engulfed our nostrils, we decided to play the let’s-guess-what’s-been-cooked game. In true Malvani style, coconut was the mainstay ingredient permeating the air. Our lunch spread comprised of steamed rice, nachni/ragi (cultivated in their fields) bhakris along with ladiesfinger/okra prepared with groundnut, and – the icing on the cake – prawns, fried as well as prepared with the local curry (on special request just for us). Right from the rice, which wasn’t the basmati a hotel would serve you, and the bhakris roasted over the embers, everything was authentic in spite of the simplicity. Or may be because of the simplicity!”

– Elita ( Writer at )


A non-vegetarian’s confession – Enjoying Dum Aloo in Kashmir

Homestays in Kashmir
Enjoying a preparation of Kashmiri Dum Aloo in Srinagar. Image Source –

“After the long and tiring jourey from Mumbai to Kashmir, the only thing keeping me up was my craving for Kashmiri food. There was a curfew and going to a restaurant wasn’t an option. This is when the cook at our pure -veg homestay served me some delicious Kashmiri dum aloo, prepared with perfectly fried baby potatoes and the right amount of spices, with a stack of rotis. I am not a fan of vegetarian fares, but this was definitely an exception.” (Click here to book a stay with Mrs. Anita)

– Greeshma Soley (Travel ninja, SaffronStays)


Developing a taste for Organic food – Home made meals in Chikmagalur 

Homestays Karnataka
Delicious home cooked food in Chikmagalur. Image Source –

“Our trip to Sunkasale was made pleasant not only by the heavenly location, but also by the scrumptious meal prepared by Guna aunty in her homestay. The stark contrast of the spicy baby cabbage curry and sweet rice made for a hearty lunch. Homemade butter and rice papads kept us seated on the dining table and chatting even after we had greedily wiped the plates clean. I realised then that there is something different about organically grown food which makes you yearn for more even though your belly screams no!” (Click here to book a stay with Mrs. Guna)

– Sameer Tambe (Travel ninja, SaffronStays)


Have you ever discovered and enjoyed local food in a homestay during your travels? Share your experience with us.

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