Your corporate offsite is a reflection of how much you value your employees. Choose wisely.

Perfect work-life balance can only be achieved when an individual feels as welcomed and valued at their workplace as they are at home. And as an employer, it is essential that you appreciate your employees through your actions, such as planning unforgettable offsite experiences for them. Going all out while choosing a vacation site, as you would for your own family vacations, can go a long way in making your employees feel valued. And to help you do this, we at SaffronStays have started a new vertical – SaffronStays Corporates – that offer packages and curate homes exclusively for corporate offsite. After all, it’s not for nothing that the biggest names like Unilever, CapGemini, and Colgate chose SaffronStays for their corporate offsite. SaffronStays’ corporate vacation homes allow you to…

…say good-bye to pretentious celebrations

Whether it’s an employee’s birthday, a product launch, or a promotion party, companies usually restrict themselves to a forced, pretentious celebration at local restaurants, or worse, within the office. However, extraordinary occasions call for extraordinary celebrations. And what better way to celebrate special occasions than having a pool party! Go all out and enjoy a pool party with pizzazz at our private villas like SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet. After you are done partying in the day, bring out the singer in you with a Karaoke session. Or let your hair down as you groove to your favourite tunes at night, while sipping on drinks by the pool.

…treat your team to a vacation they deserve

When was the last time you took your employees on a private, intimate get-together, where you were the only people at the venue? Sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a private retreat at SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet or SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala. Engage in team-building activities or enjoy a game of table tennis or snooker at Falcon Hill. Or alternately, you can chill, relax, and have casual chats with your employees and co-workers at Raanwaara. Both these properties also feature an infinity pool, so you can relax while enjoying the expansive view of the greenery surrounding them. These vacation spots are the kind of locations where you go as colleagues but come back as a family.

…spark path-changing discussions

Valuing your employees also means providing them with an environment that brings out the best in them. It has been proven that walking boosts creativity by helping people come up with new ideas. Even innovators like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have been known for having meetings while walking. But most offices in India have confined spaces with hardly any area for walking purposes, so it’s hard to imagine conducting a strategic meeting with your co-workers over a walk. But now, you can say good-bye to those bored-room meetings and discussions as you engage in a brainstorming session while strolling in the lush greenery at Odeon and One Tree Farm. These vacation homes have sprawling outdoors that make them perfect for a brainstorming session or coming up with new business strategies. We have even got you covered with flipcharts, markers, and other stationeries available at all our vacation homes.

With packages that includes meals along with breathtaking locations, you cannot ask for more from a corporate offsite. Transportation, too, can be arranged from Mumbai to these properties on request. So plan your next vacation with SaffronStays and join our esteemed league of clients.

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