Bt Business Service Level Agreement

BT offers leased fibre optic lines at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Speeds are symmetrical download and download speeds, which is an obvious plus for businesses that rely on VoIP, cloud applications, fast file transfer, and remote access. Are you expected to provide 100% network availability and provide every user with reliable and secure internet? If so, it is likely that you are considering a rental line. With the increasing demand for computer networks and the increasing migration of companies to cloud-based solutions, the search for a cost-effective and robust Internet connection, with sufficient bandwidth power, is becoming the “holy grail” for IT managers under pressure. A stand line offers a company more than just a good fast and reliable connection speed. It makes a company more productive and agile, and the flexibility of expansion allows for a significantly profitable guarantee of the future. This in turn leads a company to create a strong brand and build a positive reputation with its customers. Interestingly, buying a BT line directly through BT retail is often the most expensive way. There are more than a dozen suppliers, each with its own wholesale relationship with BT. If you buy through a wholesaler, you will get the same product, the same support, but also a lower price. This is because the wholesale discount is often passed on to the company.

BT Retail`s reduction capacity is limited and regulated. So often you get the best deal when you go shopping. BT`s Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides guarantees for the lethality of national and international data. If your line has a higher latency than the numbers shown, your business will receive a corresponding discount. BT is one of the uk`s best-known telecom service providers, which is why it`s obvious they`re on your search list – but can they provide what you need at the right price? In this article, we look at BT leased lines. Don`t overloadThe BT stand line is for your business, reducing the bandwidth needed for your business to run efficiently, especially compared to shared or competing services. BT charged a flexible pricing plan based on bandwidth usage to account for this. In the absence of a fair dealing directive, you should receive unlimited bandwidth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fast and reliable bandwidth is the keystone of productivity in business, and that`s why a BT booth line is often at the top of every IT director`s list. The main advantages of a BT rental line lie in BT`s quality offer. You benefit from a fast and efficient service, supported by strong guarantees and a high level of reliability.

BT places its rental line service in two offers. One for small businesses and the other for large companies. You are:· BT Net Express – This offers bandwidth of up to 30 Mbps. BT recommends this option if you have 20 or fewer network users. Prices from £225.00 per month. BT Net – BT here offers a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps and indicates that the line can support up to 200 users. It also says that the network is extensible. Priced from £467.00 per month Enhanced Security Standard, your business has access to BT`s highly secure network. BT has achieved BSI 7799/ISO 17799 security certification.

This is the highest possible IT security certification. BT says it will offer 100% one-time availability. Since the direction is for your organization, the only traffic that goes through the dedicated service belongs to you. In case of failure, it is possible to claim service downtime – BT`s target fixed time is five hours. Given BT`s resources, it`s hard to imagine a period of outages for days of others. . . .