A Slice of Bengal at SaffronStays

Emerging from the confluence of rivers, the unique combination of fiery and subtle flavors and the passionate energy that permeates into every aspect of local life, Bengali cuisine is as much about Maach (fish) and Bhaat (rice) as it is about the exotic preparations that are so unique to this part of the country. At SaffronStays, we bring to you Bengali food that is fresh, authentic and delivered right to your table.

While local Bengal cuisine has a unique richness of spices and pastes, it is the vast catch of freshwater seafood like hilsa and chingri, and vegetables like plantains, potatoes, water lily roots, brinjal and beans that bring out the authenticity of the region’s preparations. The simplest meals become exquisite by adding ‘paanch phoron’ – five spices of cumin, nigella, fenugreek, aniseed and mustard seed. The most everyday gathering of families and friends, becomes extraordinary with the exceptional sweetness of desserts like mishti doi and rasgulla.


SaffronStays DURGA PUJA MENU echoes the essence of Bengali cuisine and its rich flavor, to make this year’s Navratri and Durga Puja festivities all the more special. As you enjoy a quiet celebration at your own private villa, tuck into piping hot food made with fresh ingredients served right at your table replete with the essence of Bengal.

Begin your Bengali Food Festival lunch with Aloo Posto, Bengal style potato cooked in mild poppy seeds paste or Begun Bhaja, shallow fried crispy brinjal. Don’t forget to try the Panch Phoran Torkari; a mix of vegetables tempered with whole spices. For meat lovers, the choices are varied and enticing. There is the Kosha Mangsho, a traditional style bhuna mutton dish with spices; prawns in coconut flavoured milk or Chingri Malaikari; centred around lightly flavored Calcutta special Chicken Biryani. Cholar Dal and local breads add a rich variation to the meal. Round this off with the added sweetness of Misti Doi (sweet curd), Rasgulla, Rasmalai or Gulab Jamun; quintessential choices for a perfect satiated end.

As Clyde Castellino, Head, Food & Beverage, SaffronStays, says,

“Festivals in India are all about feasting. With Navratri and Pujo, it gets even more special. While Gujarati thalis are tried and tested, it’s not the same with Bengali thalis – they are underrated and not so exposed. Also, very few places in Mumbai serve authentic Bengali cuisine. Our specially curated menu brings together varied influences while keeping Bengal and its flavours at the heart of it. We plan to do a special menu every month; apart from festivals, food should be a good excuse to celebrate.”

Our Durga Puja Special Menu will be available between Oct 1st, 2021 and Oct 31st, 2021 at the below SaffronStays properties. Reach out to our caretakers with a 24-hour prior notice to enjoy these scrumptious dishes, served at an additional cost.