Strawberry Season

An Off-beat Escape To Strawberry Land: Panchgani

While the pandemic continues to compel us to practice all precautions – wear a mask, use a sanitizer, keep distance – there’s nothing stopping us from celebrating life, laughter and our loved ones all over again.

How about an escape to the strawberry land of India? ‘Tis a berry beautiful season in the land of distant mountains, rustic valleys and soothing lakes, Panchgani, the heart of Mahabaleshwar. Scroll ahead to have a quick look at why the strawberry season is an experience you do not want to miss and everything you can do to make it count.

An indulgence of a kind

Handpicking juicy strawberries

How often do you get an opportunity to pick your own fruits from a farm? While the city life has its own share of drawbacks the numero uno reason to visit Mahabaleshwar is to gather some offbeat experiences and indulge in a merry time with your loved ones. 

The best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is the winter season. Winters in Mahabaleshwar are perfect for strawberries to ripen with absolute deliciousness. The Panchgani Strawberry Festival, as it is rightly termed, celebrates the arrival of these beauties by hosting tourists from across the country and allowing them to actually walk amidst these strawberry farms. A cherry on the top, or should we say, a “strawberry” on top? You can handpick these juicy strawberries, add them to your baskets and eat them right away! 

Isn’t this then, an indulgence of a kind? 

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Good nutrition during the pandemic

Strawberries of high nutritional value

The pandemic has compelled us to focus on our health, diet and nutrition intake now more than ever. Did you know that strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C? The fresher they are, the more they metabolize and hence, more is the nutritional value. 

So, if those Vitamin C tablets recommended to boost your immunity during COVID-19 times are boring you out, get yourself loads of these freshly plucked strawberries from these natural farms and eliminate allied worries such as adulteration, poor sanitization, and low quality. 

Going #VocalForLocal

Strawberry farms in Mahabaleshwar

And while you’re casually strolling amid these farms, examining strawberries and adding them to your basket while your little one narrates to you episodes of Strawberry Shortcake, you are generously supporting the local farmers of Mahabaleshwar that have worked so hard to produce this yield of juicy strawberries. Thereby, you also support the newly established idea of going #VocalForLocal. 

You’d be mistaken if you were to assume that only local varieties of strawberries are to be found here. Have a quick chat with some of these farmers or volunteers of this festival and you’ll be surprised to know that these lands also support Sweet Charlie varieties of California, Camarosa, Winter Dawn, Rania and Nabila – the most notable varieties of strawberries cultivated across Mahabaleshwar. 

So many other places to visit!

Needle Hole Point

While strawberries remain the centre of attraction during winters, there are a number of other places to visit in Mahabaleshwar that will make your heart happy and relax your mind. 

  • Picturesque lakes: Row your boats, click pictures and feel the lake breeze caress your skin at Lake Venna and Lake Shivsagar. 
  • Heritage forts: Trek your way up and above and delve into the rich history of Maharashtra a little more with Pratapgarh Fort, Kamalgad Fort and Rajgad fort. 
  • Satisfy your hunger pangs: Visit the stunning Mapro Garden and try various strawberry delicacies namely Strawberry Chocolate Pizza, Chocoberrywitch, etc. after a fun-filled session of strawberry picking. 
  • Explore, explore and explore: Tour across various points such as the Wilson Point, Mumbai Point, Arthur’s Seat, Elphinstone Point, etc. and splurge at the town bazaar. 

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Bonding with your loved ones, and SaffronStays 

Tasting strawberries with loved ones

Give the notion of bonding with your loved ones over a trip a whole new meaning with SaffronStays. To sprinkle the magic of togetherness, love and warmth over your trip, we have homes that will make you want to traverse down the memory lane even after you’ve left Mahabaleshwar. That being said, take a look at these private, cosy and comfortable SaffronStays villas in Panchgani that you can book as you plan your trip to Mahabaleshwar. 

SaffronStays Red Brick House:

SaffronStays Red Brick House

A 4-bedroom rustic home boastful of its amalgamation of old school English vibes and the finest amenities. Features a terrace, a verandah, a huge lawn with an orchard and is in close proximity to the Mapro Garden, the Panchgani Market, the Venna Lake, Table Land and a strawberry farm. 

SaffronStays Valley’s Edge

SaffronStays Valley’s Edge

A 3-bedroom villa overlooking breathtaking views of the serene Panchgani Valley. Hosts its guests with warm, rustic vibes and a large outdoor space. Is situated at a short distance from various tourist points, Table Land, Venna Lake, etc. 

SaffronStays Verandah By The Valley

SaffronStays Verandah By The Valley

A 2-bedroom hilltop home with antique wooden furniture and a dreamy verandah. Overlooks the majestic Panchgani valley and is located close to the Table Land, Kamalgad Fort, Horizon Point and Dhom Dam.

SaffronStays Verandah By The Valley (Tent)

SaffronStays Verandah By The Valley (Tent)

One of the best nature villas near Mumbai, it is ideal for couples seeking a holiday in the quiet in the lap of nature. 

SaffronStays Nitant

SaffronStays Nitant

A 3-bedroom pool valley with minimal decor blends gazing at the Panchgani Valley. Features a large deck, organic garden along with the balcony of your dreams. Is located close to the Cheese Factory, Table Land and various points of Mahabaleshwar. 

Are you as intrigued with Mahabaleshwar right now as we are? If yes, book your stay in luxury villas in Panchgani from SaffronStays right away and give us the opportunity to host you with wonderful experiences and the magic of togetherness. 

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