9 Best Villas In Nashik For That Ideal Monsoon Getaway

Popularly known as the wine capital of the country, Nashik is often associated with vineyards, spicy Misal Pav, and the famous dams and rivers. However, come monsoon and the city transforms into one of the best places to visit near Mumbai and Gujarat for the perfect weekend getaway. SaffronStays has added 9 best villas in Nashik near Sula Vineyards that are fully staffed and serviced, and serve fresh, home-cooked meals. Located in a township, there’s something for everyone – from a glass treehouse that has an infinity pool to homes that sit in the middle of a forest.

  1. A Treehouse Made Of Glass…

…And class. SaffronStays All That Jazz is a one-of-a-kind 2-bedroom glass treehouse that offers unobstructed views of the lush greens from its massive french windows. This infinity pool villa near Mumbai is an ideal romantic getaway that guarantees an out-of-the-world experience!

2. A Brickhouse Straight Out Of A Novel

Straight out of your childhood novels is SaffronStays Tuscan Sun. This 4-bedroom private villa near Gujarat emanates a countryside vibe with its quaint setup. The charming interiors, green lawns, and the fruits and veggie patch at this pet-friendly split-level villa are sure to steal your heart. 

3. A Lakeview Villa

If you’ve always wanted plenty of space for yourself and your pets to run around freely, we can’t recommend this home enough. A 2-bedroom pet-friendly villa overlooking the lake, SaffronStays Indie House allows you the much-needed privacy and comfort. In the outdoor gazebo, enjoy the surrounding scenic views. At this villa near Trimbakeshwar Temple, experience a mix of the indoor blending with the outdoors. 

4. Moonwalk Your Way Here

The perfect architectural marvel doesn’t exi…

One look at the home, and you may eat up your words. With a cantilever bridge for an entrance, this one just fits the bill. SaffronStays Skywalker is a 2-bedroom romantic getaway near Mumbai that allows pets too. This romantic haven, which sits in the midst of the forest, is made using natural elements like wood and stone and oozes luxury through its minimalism.

5. One Step Closer!

Remember this famous song by Linkin Park? If you love the band, we’re sure you will equally love the ‘rock’ing views from SaffronStays Linkin Park, a 2-bedroom pet-friendly villa. Get ready to be floored by its plush spaces, sophisticated interiors, and striking artworks. With high-speed internet, this home is ideal for a workation near Mumbai. In the cosy outdoor seating area on level one, you will find yourself singing along, playing dumb charades, or enjoying a hearty meal with those you love. 

6. For Our Eco-Conscious Friends

Your search for the best nature villa in Nashik ends at SaffronStays Rhythm & Blues, a charming 3-bedroom eco-friendly villa for rent in Nashik. The best part? It’s pet-friendly too! When here, you will find yourself embracing the lovely green inside AND outside. The home has an indoor garden, a cosy sunroof corner and meals that promise to fill your stomach and your heart. The lawn is an ideal place for intimate celebrations and parties, making this venue near Nashik a green escape from the city.

7. Cheers To Good Times!

A name so nice, you’ll say it twice. SaffronStays Cin Cin is a gorgeous 3-bedroom villa in Nashik that has the best ingredients to make for a stellar party home – massive pool, charming views, stunning lawns and great food! With an unbeatable view of the Sahyadri forest from the private pool and machan, you’re bound to spend all your time outdoors. One of the best villas in Nashik, this weekend getaway option near Mumbai, has a huge lawn, ideal for a game of cricket or football, or even to host an intimate celebration.

8. Para, Para, Paradise…

An azure pool, a swing in the verandah and a large living room to bond – if you’re looking for the best villas in Nashik, SaffronStays Coldplay is ‘Something Just Like This’! This 3-bedroom pool villa has been designed to help you spend all your time outdoors, in nature, away from digital devices. With a spacious lawn, this villa near Sula Vineyards is a great venue for intimate gatherings and celebrations – think milestone celebrations, reunions and engagement ceremonies! 

9. Heights Of Awesomeness

An elevated structure from where all you can see is greens, SaffronStays Gospel Heights is one of the best villas in Nashik. A stylish, 3-bedroom uber-chic private villa, it is located in the arms of nature, amidst dense forests. Catch stunning 360° views of the surroundings from the terrace. The soft pitter-patter of raindrops, clouds descending to eye-level, and a family of mynas playing hide-n-seek in the green canopy around… Grab a cuppa and let nature take centre seat!

While here, you can…

  • Opt for horseback riding, kayaking, boating and cycling within the township, at no additional charge. 
  • Visit the famous Trimbakeshwar Temple, which is 15 minutes from the township.
  • If you’re in the mood for some Rosé, a glass of sparkling wine or the wholesome sangria, head over to some famous wineries including Sula (30 mins), York (35 mins) and Soma (35 mins).

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  • Given that we’ve still not completely conquered COVID-19, we trust our guests to understand the gravity of the situation and travel safely in their own bubble. While staying in a private villa after arriving in your private vehicles minus any strangers and just the on-site staff is a safe choice, we urge people to exercise extreme caution. 
  • Travel in smaller groups, with people who you know, preferably in your own vehicle.
  • Ensure that you and your family are fully vaccinated, practise social distancing, wear a mask and carry a sanitiser at all times. 
  • While you’re staying at the selected property, make sure that you’re following COVID appropriate behaviour and not flouting norms thereby harming the local staff and locals. 
  • We are also undertaking vaccination of our on-ground staff in these remote locations – the caretakers and our operations team, both. 
  • As a company, we have tried digitising our bookings, payments, collecting other guest details and other formalities as far as possible to avoid one-on-one contacts and smoothen the process.  
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