8 Reasons Group Getaways Are Better At Villas

Group holidays bring about a different kind of fun. But in hotels, the merriment is usually disrupted with the presence of strangers and strict timings. Having rooms allotted far away from each other kills half the fun. Villas solve all of these issues, and much more. If you want your next family trip to be a smash hit, a SaffronStays villa is the answer. And here’s why — with reference to some of our best villas for group getaways near Mumbai and Goa!

1. Ultimate Privacy

Why spoil your holiday surrounded by strangers and unwanted interruptions? At villas, you and your party will get complete and total privacy. There’s no need to share the gorgeous dining spaces. The total solitude creates an ideal space for a private pool party, like at SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas’s stunning infinity pool. At our villas, the home and its services are entirely yours.

Book SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet.

2. Personalised Meals

The whims of the stomach are unpredictable. Some days you crave a feast and on others, instant noodles fit the bill. At SaffronStays you can tailor every meal according to the mood of the hour. The impeccably trained staff will bring mouth-watering delicacies that suit everybody’s taste. Like the in-house chef, Ashwini, at Summer Salt, who is a pro at making authentic Alibaug-style chicken gravy and prawn fry!

Book SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug.

3. Hotel-like Luxury and Home-like Comfort

Villas bring you the best of both worlds on your time off. Plush interiors and smooth services provide a lavish experience like in the opulent Arezu, which has a mix of Moroccan tiles and Persian decor. Meanwhile, the freedom and privacy of the villa allow your group to sprawl out at ease, like you would at a house party. If you’re looking for a quick getaway near Mumbai, this is an ideal choice.

Book SaffronStays Arezu, Igatpuri.

4. Run At Your Own Pace

What’s a vacation with rules? Here, you and your friends can let your hair down and go by your own clock. Wake up at noon and chit-chat among the likes of Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon in the perfect chill room at Grand Mansion Of Saipem Hills. Or stargaze late into the night from one of Falcon Hill’s many bewitching balconies. The deluxe pool villa offers several lookout points from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Lonavala valley. 

Book SaffronStays Grand Mansion Of Saipem Hills, Candolim, Goa.

Book SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala.

5. Tonnes Of Space

Sprawling villas like the splendid Sundowner provide ample space for your group to hang out — from 8 different bedrooms to the pool and deck area. Catch up over tea and biscuits in one room and play a game of cards in another. You can have a dance-off on the lawn or share a quiet moment on the balcony. Just a drive from Mumbai, SaffronStays Sundowner even has a rain dance facility for an extra splash of fun. There is an ideal nook for every vibe and nothing is off-limits!

Book SaffronStays Sundowner, Karjat.

6. No Travel Stress

SaffronStays villas are in locations that are super easy to get to, with numerous getaway options within 2 hours from Mumbai and Pune. Meaning, no scouring and searching for far-flung places. No yelling at your Google maps. Only smooth sailing. Most of our homes have easy access from the nearest highway, making it easier for you to start your holiday ASAP. 

Book SaffronStays Nivriti Beach House, Alibaug.  

7. Feel Like a Resort Owner

With all the villa’s services right at your fingertips, you will feel like a resort owner rather than a visitor! No waiting in line to access the badminton court. No need to change out of pyjamas for breakfast. Play indoor and outdoor games or simply relax and shoot the breeze with your gang. It’s all up to you. 

Book SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet.  

8. Highest Levels Of Hygiene

SaffronStays villas take hygiene very seriously, doing the utmost to provide a Covid-safe holiday. The secluded villas keep you away from crowds and every nook and cranny is sanitised before your arrival. So you and your group can enjoy the luxuries of villas without hesitating. Like the tastefully designed Bel Azur, situated in Assagao, a quaint up-and-coming locality in North Goa.

Book SaffronStays Bel Azur, Assagao, Goa.

Whether you and your friends are finally making that Goa trip happen or just taking a break from the city with the fam, SaffronStays villas give you the holiday you deserve. The featured villas are a perfect choice for group getaways near Mumbai and Goa, so grab them when you have the chance. After all, why get room service when you can get house service? 

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