8 Believable excuses to bunk work!

Admit it! We have all had our head spinning for that one ‘genuine’ reason to ask for a break from work. But often in our ridiculous attempt to sound genuine we end up making crazy excuses to miss work. Here are 8 wackiest excuses you could use as a rescue option.

#1. My fortune cookie says, ‘Don’t go outside.


#2. I had a lucky night and didn’t know where I was


#3.  I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it


#4.  My fish was unwell last night, I need to show some love!


 #5. My neighbor is going out & I need to baby sit!


 #6. I was drunk last night & I locked myself in my own house!


#7. It’s that time of the month again where you have no control over your emotions!


#8. My neighbor left the tap running, & so I’ve no water left for shower!


P.S. These excuses might save you a holiday, but unless you know how to make the most out of this, you’re simply wasting a day! Don’t know where to go on off-days? Read more about it here!

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