7 Reasons SaffronStays Falcon Hill Is The Ultimate Luxury Destination

Luxury can mean several things. It can mean a lavish pool party with martinis in your hand and a barbecue on the side. It can mean a picnic on a balcony with a splendid view, surrounded by cushions and board games. It can also mean clinking glasses with your loved ones on a chilly night in the hills, away from the city. At SaffronStays Falcon Hill, a Signature by SaffronStays estate, luxury means all this and more. This
6-bedroom private pool villa in Lonavala crafts a deluxe holiday experience that soothes the senses. This villa can host up to 16 guests — perfect for that much-needed sleepover catch up with all the cousins or a getaway with all your favourite friends. Here are 7 features of SaffronStays Falcon Hill that make it the best luxury villa in Lonavala:

1. See The Best Of Lonavala

As far as the eye can see

Lonavala is the go-to place for weekend getaways and family trips, and SaffronStays Falcon Hill allows you to experience this at its best. The 6-bedroom villa, where luxury meets comfort, is away from crowded touristy places and is ideal for someone looking to spend their days in solitude. The spacious home stands tall on a hilltop, on a 16-acre private forested land, making you feel like you’re on top of the world. The best way to get here is to drive down, taking a winding road through verdant hills and chilly mountain air to get to this little paradise. It takes only two hours from both Mumbai and Pune! 

2. Sleek And Modern Design

Rich and refined interiors at SaffronStays Falcon Hill

This villa has been designed using modern interiors with geometric touch, and the beautiful large french window wall allows the outdoor beauty to permeate indoors. A swimming pool with a broad poolside deck sits outside the living room and a spacious balcony on the first floor – the perfect place for heart-to-heart conversations with gorgeous background views. The interiors of this pool villa in Lonavala are as luxurious as the outside, with enough space for large families to sit around and chit-chat or even dance the night away. Fabrics in rich reds and muted oranges are coupled with wooden furniture to create a tasteful picture that is pleasing to the eye, while the elegant lighting in the rooms ensures that all your selfies are Insta-worthy!

3. Mesmerising Views

See it for what it is…fascinating views

If there’s one thing that distinguishes this villa from the others, it is the spellbinding view of Lonavala valley visible from nearly every room. As it sits on a height, SaffronStays Falcon Hill is a fantastic vantage point to gaze out at rolling hills, feel the cool wind on your face and get lost in the music of the birds. The velvety green forests, the rocky hillsides and the slowly undulating silhouette of the mountains in the distance is a work of art. Use the evenings at this luxury villa near Mumbai to settle down with a cup of chai, watch the sun dip behind the hills and disperse fiery colours across the sky — believe us when we say it is a spiritual experience!

4. Lip-Smacking Vegetarian Food 

Good food, good people, good time at SaffronStays Falcon Hill

This vegetarian villa near Aamby Valley will pamper you with tasty new delicacies for every meal. From succulent gravies to dry sabzis packed with flavour, the freshly cooked food served here will sate your stomach just like your home-cooked food does. Your stay at this pool villa in Lonavala will be interspersed with some of the best vegetarian dishes, with Jain options available too! Our talented in-home chef will ensure the food is personalised to your taste and finger-licking good. Don’t forget to try the dal baati, one of the specialities at this home!

5. Ideal For Parties, Unwinding And Adventure

It’s time to celebrate!

You read that right. Whatever the goal of your holiday may be, SaffronStays Falcon Hill has the answer for it. Want to celebrate a milestone? Toast to your friends and family by the poolside bar and enjoy a barbecue party right under the stars on the deck. Looking to escape your daily chores and weekly stress? A soothing hillside getaway awaits you here, with a wealth of time spent floating in a pool, curling up on a couch with a book or sunbathing on the balcony. Itching for adventure? Head to Aamby Valley and indulge in a game of paintball or enjoy the thrill of go-karting and much more.

6. An Infinity Pool With A View

To the infinity pool and beyond

Unlike other swimming pools in private villas, this one is an unmatched infinity pool with the best view of Lonavala. Swimming up to the edge of this pool will feel like floating towards the edge of the world, with miles and miles of hills rolling beneath you. There in the soothing water, you can soak in the sweeping view of the lush landscape that stretches all the way to the horizon. Pool parties, races and games will all be more fun and more luxurious with the splendid backdrop this infinity pool offers. 

7. Multipurpose Room 

There is always time for yoga

Ever wanted to have a yoga session with your family while on holiday? Or the space to dance all night with your friends with no furniture in your way? Now you can! An expansive room with glass window walls on the first floor of this pool villa in Lonavala is where you get the freedom for any activity you have in mind. You get ample space and a gorgeous view of the surroundings from the massive window walls — including some epic sunsets at dusk and star-studded skies at night. With mattresses placed in this room, it is an ideal space for kids and cousins to have the perfect slumber party!

Ready to make your luxurious holiday a dream come true at this pool villa in Lonavala? Book our signature home SaffronStays Falcon Hill now, its doors are open and waiting for you!

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