7 Key Tips On Exploring South India With Your Kids

Headed for a family holiday in South India? Worried about travelling with kids? We’ve got your back! Instead of getting lost in a never-ending checklist, here are a few standard tips on travelling with kids to make your holiday a smooth ride. From the benefits of staying in private villas in South India to encouraging your kids to learn and grow, follow these 7 tips and your vacation is guaranteed to be a good time for all members of the family! 

1. Let Your Priorities Choose The Destination

The pathway at SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms that leads to the river

What kind of holiday do you want? A quiet workcation with beautiful views? A beachside extravaganza by South India’s gorgeous coastline? A weekend up in the lush green hills? Start planning your vacation based on these questions. If you’re looking for a staycation with the extended family and plenty of little ones running around, try private properties like SaffronStays Estate’s Abode. Villas like these have indoor and outdoor games, plenty of space for relaxation, fun activities like boating as well as a kids’ play area — the perfect holiday package in one home! If you’re looking for a more active holiday, try places like SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms that offer fun activities for kids like interacting with elephants and helping give them a bath or making trips to waterfalls and dancing under the cascading water. 

2. Pick Suitable Clothing

 Enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee at SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate

Use the location and timing of your holiday to decide what clothes to pack. Kids are more sensitive to weather changes, so it’s best to carry light t-shirts for hot days as well as a thin jacket or scarf in case the temperatures dip. Despite being known for warm weather, hill stations in the south like Munnar and Wayanad do experience chilly temperatures in the winter months. So, it’s best to carry one or two pieces of woollen clothing. If you opt to stay in a private villa in South India, like SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, a bonfire can be arranged to add a further spark of warmth. Don’t forget to add a good pair of shoes that can withstand all the walking!

3. Choose A Rented Villa

SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam is a beautiful homestay surrounded by the Suvarna River on three sides

Travelling with kids becomes much easier when you rent a private villa as your primary accommodation. Your kids get the freedom to be who they are without any strangers around. Meanwhile, you get the privacy of a hotel room with the space of a perfect family-sized villa like SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam. Private villas in South India hand you the reins of your holiday — you have full control over meals, bedtimes and your child’s general well-being. Moreover, the high standards of cleanliness mean you never have to worry about your child falling sick due to a lack of hygiene. Doesn’t it sound convenient? South India’s coastal cities also come with the unique experience of houseboats. While you enjoy the views and the feel of being on the water, make sure there are safety protocols in place and set down some rules with the kids. For example, everybody should know where the life jackets are, and small kids should be allowed on the deck only with adult supervision.

4. Stay Hydrated

SaffronStays Riverstone is a beautiful home on the banks of River Kaveri

The heat coupled with high humidity means that your body requires more water than usual to function properly, especially if you choose to stay in Mysuru, where the summers are beautiful, but the temperatures can soar. Keep an eye out for headaches, nausea, fatigue or dizziness as they can be symptoms of dehydration. A simple solution is to this is to carry enough bottled water for you and your kids and keep taking small sips at regular intervals. And if you choose to stay at SaffronStays Riverstone, this is one aspect you don’t need to worry about! The home is located on the banks of River Kaveri, which is known to cater to the drinking water needs of 1.7 crore people. At SaffronStays Riverstone, the taps never run dry!

5. Make The Trip Educational

Holidays in vast areas like South India can lead to long journeys in trains and cars. Cooped up inside for many hours can take a toll on kids, who don’t often find the passing scenery entertaining enough. Apart from occupying them with different types of games and toys, you can use this opportunity to teach them how to read a map and identify different types of clouds. Even a vacation can be educational! It could be fun for kids to be able to see which part of the world they are in and be able to trace the rivers and mountains as you pass them by. So, while heading to hill-station villas like SaffronStays Bella Verdura, you can soak in the views of the lush greenery while your child has more than enough to keep them busy. 

6. Carry Adequate Food And Medicines

Small, easily consumable packets of food and a handy first aid kit are must-haves while travelling with children in any part of the country. Biscuits and protein bars serve as good energy boosters, while sandwiches work as a more filling meal, suitable for long journeys. A standard first aid kit should include a thermometer, bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, anti-itch cream, and medicines for fever, stomach bugs, allergies, motion sickness and colds. After all, better safe than sorry! Add in some sunscreen and mosquito repellent cream, though the latter shouldn’t be a problem at villas like SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow, as there are mosquito nets on all the windows. 

7. Encourage New Experiences

Travel is a fantastic way for kids to learn new things. Being exposed to a new city, a new language and even a new cuisine can teach growing children a lot. As with any other part of the country, South India is a rich canvas of culture, with each location having its unique customs and dialects. As you explore your destination, motivate your child to learn a few new words or try a new dish at villas like SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, where the in-home chef makes lip-smacking local delicacies. Teach them what you learn about the religion and the traditional clothing. Let the holiday be an enjoyable stepping stone for them to understand diversity and its beauty. 

There! You are all set to explore a new destination with your young ones in tow. Just book a private villa in South India and let your luxuriously comfortable holiday begin!

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