7 Fun Things To Do in Nashik

Nashik, a city in Maharashtra has a dual coalescence from sacred vibes to making premium wines. Geographically blessed with sloping hills and placid weather, it has flourished with an epithet of being ‘The Wine Capital of India.’ Epitomising this identity of the finest wines in the country is the Sula Vineyards. One of their crowd-pullers is the annual SulaFest, an event that sees great musical performances with rich gourmet food, quality wines, and many such unforgettable experiences. But with the COVID-19 pandemic peaking up again, SulaFest 2021 has been canceled. However, that doesn’t take away the charm of Nashik, which has so much more to offer. From hopping through vineyards, tasting artisanal cheese platter, religious visits, or historic hikes, we list down some of the fun things to do in Nashik through wine, dine, and everything fine!

1. Wine Touring

Go on a Wine Tour (Credits: Pexels)

Nashik is a perfect haven in India for an oenophile or a lover of wines. The 30 plus wineries are the buzzword for tourism and among the most fun things to do here. India’s largest and most popular winery, Sula Vineyards, is located in close proximity to two other popular wineries – York and Soma Village. This 3,000-acre stretch bustling with a production of fine quality wines has rightly evolved as India’s Napa Valley in the last few decades. So hopping on a tour of wineries that pan in all directions of Nashik is an experience to indulge in!

You can conclude your wine touring in the day by social distancing from the crowds, relaxing in an earthy vacation home like SaffronStays Zen in Igatpuri. About 1.5 hours away from Sula Vineyards, this redbrick rustic villa nestled in idyllic landscapes.

2. Wine Tasting or Brewing Your Own Wine

SaffronStays Serenity, Igatpuri
SaffronStays Serenity, Igatpuri

See, Swirl, Sniff, and Sip, learn and apply the four S’s of wine tasting at one of the wineries here.  From understanding grape varieties, plucking, brewing to the bottling process, a wine tasting tour will apprise you more than differentiating between a red and white wine. The flavour of Rosé to the aroma of Sauvignon blanc, a crafted wine tasting tour will enhance your knowledge of what goes into making a wine that pleases the palate. If you particularly want to explore French-style wines, Vallonne Vineyards is a boutique winery you must visit in Igatpuri’s Sanjegaon.

Add ‘fine’ to your wine-sipping by clinking glasses on lush lawns with a lake view. You can add this bliss of an experience by staying at SaffronStays Serenity in Igatpuri. This safe and sanitized, peaceful 2-bedroom farm stay has pleasant pastoral views to soak in all day long. Complementing your wines will be fresh meals cooked by our trained chefs on site.

3. Grape Stomping

For a wine aficionado, it’s an incomplete trip to the vineyards without stomping on the grapes. Soma Vine Village in Nashik provides this amusing experience to step in barrels and stomp on them, muddling the method of traditional winemaking. Hold hands, synchronize your feet and share the joy of making wine together.

4. Relish on Finest Artisanal Cheese

Enjoy a Cheese Platter (Credits: Pixabay)

Nashik is known for its quality wines, but it also has something exquisite for cheese lovers. Le Fromage is Nashik’s first artisanal cheese-making company. They too offer a cheese tasting tour that has over 8 varieties of the finest natural cheeses. So while everyone goes home sipping on the wines, don’t forget to add a platter of cheese to your agenda of fun things to do in Nashik.

5. Visit Ancient Temples

Contrasting to its modernity of a major wine producer in the country, Nashik carries a mythological significance for those seeking divine interventions. Ramkund, Sita Gufa, Trimbakeshwar temple, Saptashrungi temples in Nashik are not just religious places but marvels of architecture. You need not be a religious person to pay a visit and learn about the fascinating legends behind it.

6. Cave Exploration

If you yearn to explore the history, then a visit to Pandavleni, a group of 24 caves is one of the fun things to do in Nashik. These ancient rock-cut caves date back to the 2nd century BC and trace the history of Hinayana Buddhism. The inscriptions on the stone walls depict the tales of what transpired here centuries ago.

7. Go Hiking

SaffronStays Mega Farms by The River

Adventure geeks who love to enjoy stunning views from an altitude, Nashik has several mountains to trek up to. Harihar Fort, Anjaneri Hill, Brahmagiri Hills, Kalsubai point are compelling treks that test one’s endurance but replenish it with unmatchable views. If you are looking to unwind amid nature with such refreshing views minus the adrenaline, plan a staycation at SaffronStays Mega Farms by The River, in Igatpuri. This spacious villa has a verandah facing its well-manicured lawn with a river meandering alongside.

The wine capital can thus satiate your experience beyond wine and dine by exploring these things to do in Nashik.