7 Best Beach Stays around Mumbai

Summer is slowly hitting us and it is about time for the sun, the sea and the beach villas. Ocean air and salty hair, life is always better at the beach. What’s better than jumping right into the pool from the comfort of your room’s patio? Or soaking up the sun on the beach while the water laps at your feet? We think it comes second to none! And so we bring you a sneak peek into the best Beach Villas around Mumbai that are epitome of  peace and tranquility!

01. Belle Vue, Dapoli

Located 230 kms South of from Mumbai, Dapoli is a gorgeous little town to explore. The Konkan coast is famous for its clean and spectacular, long stretches of beaches. If you’re staying at this villa, a spectacular view of Arabian Sea await you. The villa presents a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional decor with a backdrop of nature. The villa gives you a comprehensive view of the surroundings. From here, you can see the fascinating, Harnai fishing port on left, sea fort known as Suvarnadurg on extreme right side along with Anjarle sandy beach and the front view of the villa gives you a complete view of the endless sea. Guests can spend their time on the patio and enjoy uninterrupted sea breeze at all hours of the day.


02. Beau Rivage, Devgad

There’s more to Devgad (located 432 kms South of Mumbai) than its ‘hapus’ mangos and jackfruit. Experience stunning ocean views from your villa while witnessing a truly gorgeous sunset and enjoying a gourmet meal. Decorated in a antique, distressed, beach style, partly air conditioned, this coastal chic, boutique style property is perched on a small hillock overlooking the beautiful near deserted Padavne beach. For all the hustle-bustle, cacophony and mind boggling human interface that the city puts us through, this charming bungalow acts as a perfect antidote.

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03. Rustic beach villa, Kelwa

If you thought all the best beaches are South of Mumbai along the Konkan Coast, think again. Meet Kelwa, a sleepy little town, located 110 kms North of Mumbai. Dotted with acres and acres of chickoo plantations, one can also find traces of Parsi influence, remnants of the early Parsi settlements in this region. Imagine spending happy days on the beach sand, splashing in the crystal blue water, exploring the Parsi history! Spending lazy afternoons and evenings chilling in the garden and when dinner time comes, fire up the grill and enjoy a glass of wine. Sounds much like a good holiday? You can experience all of this at rustic villa near Kelwa beach.

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04. Luxurious shack at Vengurla Beach

Vengurla, a beautiful town in Sindhudurg district is located 545 kms South of Mumbai. It is surrounded by a semicircular range of hills with lush green foliage mainly of cashew, mango, coconut, and different kinds of berry trees. In addition to this surrounding is Vengurla beach where good food, fresh tender coconut, books and a breeze all day will keep your worries at bay! This luxurious hut located barely 50 mts away from the beach is designed esthetically. It has the traditional sod roofed huts which is well facilitated with full transparent glass doors, yet equipped with modern amenities ensuring comforts. The interior of the huts are equally beautiful. Unique structure of the lamps and the lights fit-in makes it a relaxing experience!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               05. Little Paradise, Murud

Start your day by waking up to the gorgeous sounds of the waves creeping onto the sandy shore. Welcome to the Little Paradise, at Murud, 165 kms South of Mumbai. A porch that offers a mesmerising view of the open ocean in front. It brings cool breeze even on a hot summer day. The monsoons add an extra charm, and you can spend endless hours watching the rains. You will find yourself fixed on the porch the whole day long with a book for company. For the restless soul, you can visit the Janjira Fort or visit royalty at the Nawab Palace.

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06. Villa on an undisturbed beach, Murud-Revdanda road

Want to experience the best of two worlds alongside? This beautiful bungalow located at Korlai, 112 kms South of Mumbai, has beach on its one side and the forested mountains on the other. This is an old styled beach villa, perched on a secluded patch of white sand. It has afforested mountains as its backdrop with sea waters in front, and the combination results in a heady mix. The villa sits alongside the gorgeous fort, reminiscent of the Portuguese inhabitation here centuries ago. The villa, in keeping with this history, adorns hues of Goan and Portuguese style architectural interiors. The most stunning aspect of this villa is that it is perched on a virtually private beach.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             07. The Cliff Haven, Dona Paula
Dona Paula, is the Malabar hill of Goa, with the rich and upwardly-mobile owning some stunning villas here. Designed and furnished to truly echo the tropical setting, the villa is dressed in a neutral palette of earthly tones, brought to life with bursts of warm colours. The duplex consists of the living room, the dining area, bar counter, a fully furnished kitchen and three fully air-conditioned master bedrooms with individually connected private balcony, pleasuring you with the panoramic view of Zuari bay and Arabian ocean. If you love to lounge on the sundeck or take a dip in the infinity pool, then this is a must visit place to indulge in meditation and mesmerizing sunset in the backdrop of ocean.
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