6 Reasons Why Companies Are Investing In Holidays

Recently, Microsoft announced that implementing a four-day work week in Japan led to a 40% boost in productivity. However, let’s be real – before Indian companies can take such risks towards easing work-life balance, there are numerous steps they can take towards engaging and rewarding their employees and making the business a whole lot sexier.

Rediscover the Magic of Old-World-Style Company Holiday Homes

With the turn of the 21st Century, most MNCs across India gave up, or stopped maintaining their company-owned vacation homes. These “Director’s Special Homes”, were exclusive state-of-the-art estates for rewarding and recognising the best performing top officials in the company. Soon, these gifting gems turned into dead assets, with copious amounts of money, time and effort being wasted on maintenance. With recently renovated and restored estates being opened across the country, companies are gifting CXOs vacations in stellar locations to help them unwind with their loved ones.

corporate gifting a stay at Kurinji Estate in Kodaikanal

Disconnect, to Connect with Your Family

A senior executive of an accounting firm has a strict motto of dedicating 4 technology-free days to his family every quarter. The best way to recharge is to disconnect from work and dedicate time to family, irrespective of the position you hold. When you are surrounded by nature and have little or no connectivity, you have an ideal setting to disconnect from the hustle and bond with your loved ones.

Strong Relationships are the Foundation of a Good Business

“More deals have been signed in my pool, with a glass of whiskey in my hand, than in a dull boardroom”

We always want to appreciate our business partners, vendors and clients. In many ways, they have been pivotal to our success. While jewellery and dinner vouchers are great gifting options, they are just not personal enough. Gift a holiday for the entire family, rather than something that would be locked away in a safe. Express your gratitude and gift your clients/ business partners a SaffronStays holiday!

Corporate gift of stay with SaffronStays

Fostering Creativity & Bonding

The same old commute, the same desk, the same environment leads to a stagnant way of thinking. Taking the team away from the daily struggle and the normal routine helps break the mundane. The new experience and the new environment triggers them to think differently. The exposure to different experiences motivates them to think more freely, more creatively. The fresh perspective results in creative ideas which re-ignites their passion for work. This positive outlook also helps in learning new ways of working with your colleagues and seeing them in new light.

Recognising Top Sales Performers

Rewards and recognition programs may be monthly, quarterly or annual events, depending on the size and budget of each company. While the entire gifting industry has seen a 30% slump in its corporate demand sector, more companies are looking at reducing the number of rewards they hand out but making each one count. Today, the vacation services sector is one industry that is actively contributing to employee welfare, by gifting quick getaways to top sales performers.

Disconnect and bond with your family

Increased Profits

All things lead to the bottom line of a company. Improved work culture has tremendous potential to affect the performance of the company and its profits. Team building activities might not directly relate to profits; but it keeps the employees engaged, improves communication, fosters a better relationship between co-workers and inspires creativity. Consequently, a happy work culture leads to improved performances of the employees thereby affecting the company bottom-line positively.

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