5 vacation homes that offer no WiFi and are not sorry about it!

The things you own, end up owning you – Tyler Durden

How many times has it happened to you that you’ve planned a vacation to ‘take a break’ from your professional and personal commitments? Then you happily reach your vacation destination and expect the fun times and the warm company of your loved ones to take over completely. But hold on. Surprise! ‘You’ve got a message’ One notification and boom; there goes your vacation down the hill.

Whether it’s an email from your colleague or a WhatsApp message from your relatives, one thing spirals into another and before you realize it, you are back to your ‘routine’. Your vacation is not a vacation anymore. And isn’t that so unfortunate? Well, we won’t let history repeat itself this time. So, here are five vacation homes that have taken it upon themselves to ensure you have a ‘true’ vacation; and so they’re unapologetically cutting off your WiFi supply:

SaffronStays Villa 270°, Dapoli

This villa located in Dapoli offers a 270° view of the majestic Arabian Sea. This vacation offers you colourful rooms named after Dapoli’s native flowers, a man-made lake, a landscaped garden, and artefacts shaped from the volcanic stones of Bali. The cosy and colourful cottages offer you the quintessential space to relax with your family and even your pets. The outdoor ambience, on the other hand, inspires you to enter a meditative state of mind and rejuvenate yourself. So where then is the time to miss the WiFi, eh? And if at all you feel like stepping out, then head straight to the Anjarle beach where the white sands and the breezy palms await your company. Water sports and dolphin watching at the Harnai beach are also a few must-try activities, albeit the latter is possible only between October and February.

SaffronStays L’Attitude, Kamshet

Just 2.5 hours away from Mumbai, is this gorgeous vacation home called SaffronStays L’Attitude. Every corner of this house has a conversation to strike. Situated on the banks of Andre Dam, this home has been built using an interesting amalgamation of local materials, reclaimed wood, mud, and exposed brick. This three-bedroom villa offers a luxurious view of the green landscapes that surround it and the calm lake that lies below. The swings in the verandah and by the pond only add to the rustic charm of this property. For the ones who are always up for a trek, the Lohagad fort nearby makes for the perfect opportunity. And for the ones who just want to unwind and take a nap on a couch in the verandah; well, the house is all yours!

SaffronStays Fragrant Sun, Mulshi

This home, located in Mulshi, has been a nominee under the ‘Best Earth-Friendly Stay’ category for the Outlook India Responsible Tourism Awards last year. The home has been crafted using eco-friendly material and has been decorated with natural fabrics, upcycled furnishings, and organic textures giving it the perfect naturesque vibe. If you’re looking for an opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature, explore a biodiversity hotspot, and appreciate both, the warmth of the sun and the late-night bonfire, then Fragrant Sun is your vacation home to be. This 5-bedroom farmhouse, bathed in pastel hues, makes a perfect setting to bond with friends and family over board games or enjoying a hot cup of tea on a swing in the courtyard all by yourself.

SaffronStays Nisarga, Indapur

Nisarga is a Marathi word that means nature. But nature alone is not what defines SaffronStays Nisarga. Located in close proximity to Indapur and Tala forests, the villa is engulfed by greenery on all sides and holds royalty and culture within. Nisarga resembles a traditional ‘Maharashtrian Wada’ with hints of Turkish and Moroccan culture that can take you back to the times of the Peshwas and the Rajas. The wada even has an aangan to add to that authentic Maharashtrian architectural charm. This is a vacation home that will make you forget your mobile devices completely, let alone miss WiFi reception. Don’t believe us? Well, then hear it out these words of a guest who chose Nisarga to celebrate Diwali this year:

“This Diwali we chose to vacation at the edge of civilization: a farmhouse with SaffronStays with no WiFi, no cell reception and virtually no way to communicate, except with each other and nature. It has been a soul-replenishing and a beautiful way to step outside our particular conceptions of what constitutes a typical Diwali celebration.”

Lisa Ray – Mother, Author, Philanthrophist, Actor

SaffonStays Avabodha, Panchgani

Witnessing the confluence of rivers Krishna and Valki in all their glory, this vacation home lies just off the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar road and is only a couple of minutes away from the famous Parsi point in Panchgani. This is one of those rare vacation homes that dispels the need for an AC, thanks to the property’s hillside location and the naturally cool climate of Panchgani. If your idea of a vacation is to indulge in undemanding yet satisfying experiences, then just go ahead and book Avabodha that offers a three-bedroom eco-friendly stay. Relish a delectable farm-to-table meal cooked using pesticide-free veggies grown in the property’s garden or get to plant saplings in the property and contribute to nature. The simplicity of this property is alluring! A guided nature trail and a visit to a strawberry farm can also be arranged at this vacation home for an additional cost.