5 Konkan Seafood Dishes Made Just For You At SaffronStays

Located on the Konkan coast, serene in its ambience, strikingly beautiful in its scenic locales and a few hours drive from Mumbai, Alibaug isn’t just a holiday paradise but is well known for its lip-smacking, uniquely local variety of seafood delicacies. Cooked in authentic Malvani and Konkani flavors, made from ingredients and spices that trace their history across generations, the gourmet food created for the Seafood Trail is perfectly synced to accompany you as you book a SaffronStays private vacation home, unwind by the beach and enjoy tucking into morsels of seafood like bangda and prawns or simply relish refreshing thalis of vegetables, fish or mutton. If your mouth is watering conjuring up these konkan seafood dishes, here’s a glimpse of what they are and what you’ll miss if you don’t plan your beach vacation in our select homes in Alibaug and Lonavala this December.

RACHAEDO MACKEREL FRY – Fish with spicy and tangy recheado masala is a Konkan delicacy that traces its origins to the Portuguese. Recheio is actually the Portuguese word for stuffing. Unlike the marinade used for general fish preparations, this dish uses sour ingredients like kokum and sometimes tamarind which gives it a unique taste.

RAWA FRY TIGER PRAWNS – Considered one of the most simplest dish to make, pan frying prawns in rawa makes this shellfish texturally rich. The crispy exterior when bit into reveals the soft, delicate prawns inside. However, tiger prawns rawa fry is an art, and it is best enjoyed with a fresh cold drink or simple rice and dal on the side.

SURMAI (KING FISH) THALI – Nothing beats fish that is served as a part of an elaborate traditional meal, one that was eaten with our grandparents sitting around a table, biting into fried and curry fish pieces, dry prawn or ‘Sukka Jawala’ chutney, salad, bhakri or jowar rotis and rice. Reminiscent of the times gone by, this meal is truly fit for a king or queen.

SURMAI IN LEMON BUTTER SAUCE – Delicately flavoured fish folded into a subtle lemon butter sauce is a perfect balance of tastes that are not too overpowering, nor too mild. The use of local fish like surmai or king fish is a uniquely Indian twist to this continental dish, which can be enjoyed by itself or with flavored rice.

POMFRET RAWA FRY – The quintessential pomfret or paplette as it is locally called, is perhaps the best of the fried fish dishes. Even the simplest turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt marinade elevates the taste of this fish when well fried and prepared just the right way.

As popular as these dishes are, cooking them up needs just the right mix of ingredients, some delectable fish and a cook who does justice to the delicateness of the meat and makes it just the way you like it. If you want to dig into them while enjoying the sun, sea, coconut palms swaying in the breeze and some languid weather, plan your stay at these SaffronStays homes today!

ALIBAUG: Aura, Beach Blues, Aquamarina By The Beach, Gardenia, Osaree, Salt Rim On The Beach, The Forest, Sea La Vie.

LONAVALA: Constellations Aquila, Constellations Orion, Odeon, Fred, Barney, Pebbles.

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