Perfect Getaway 30 Minutes from Mumbai

We took the speed boat from the Gateway of India and I was lounging around in 9 Palms besides the pool in under 30 minutes! 9 Palms is a beautiful house surrounded by lush green lawns offering you all the solitude you need. The villa has a well maintained private swimming pool, well manicured lawns dotted with wonderful champa trees all around. The villa is terrifically spacious and decorated with splendid taste and style.

The only drawback was that only two of the bedrooms out of four were air-conditioned. However, it owner promised us that the other two bedrooms will be air-conditioned shortly. There are three gazebos in the surrounding gardens where one can spend many happy hours wining, dining or relaxing in the breezy outdoors. The villa has fantastic standards of cleanliness and a diligent yet exceedingly friendly caretaker. The only draw-back was that a stunning villa like this does not have an in-house cook, something we sorely missed.


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