Luxury & Peace

We stayed at the Inner Temple twice.  Once, a month ago, when Sajida and her family invited us to spend a day at this newly constructed gorgeous property and once last week when we decided to spend a weekend (Friday-Sat) at this gorgeous bungalow.  Everything about this villa talks to you of two things – luxury and peace.  A perfect combination of ultra-luxury and the quiet, sleepy town peace of Moira.

All we spent our time was in clicking pictures of the property, lazying around in the pool, relaxing on the sofa at the verandah reading books, breakfast by the sun-kissed verandah, listening to the birds chirping, and having a quiet drink at the terrace in the evening.

This property was painstakingly restored to its former glory by Sajida, her daughter Mandira.  Every piece of furniture, every artefact points to the quiet luxury of Goa.

Kudos to Suneeta, who cooked some delicious Goan prawn curry and friend mackereel with Goan “Poli”

The Inner Temple – a perfect mixture of Goan tranquil village life, Portuguese heritage and the luxuries of modern life.


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