7 Secret Detox Hideouts Near Mumbai

After a week full of mulled wine & beer post work, junk food, weekday stress and sleep deprived nights, it is now time to cleanse your mind-body-soul. For some it may be strict food diet, exercise and timely sleep which sounds even more depressing! But what if we told you that the best way to regain yourself is to detox? And more so travel to off beat detox locations; Places that could release you from the weekday stress, where you can eat healthy home-cooked food, do yoga, listen to music or peacefully read books!? We bring you 7 such best places for weekend detox!

#01. Khandala

Located amidst forest that is green all year round, Stein Haus is a bungalow that ensures you rekindle and re-bond with friends/families. Feel part of the natural harmony that makes up this exceptional corner of Khandala.  It’s an extremely spacious property with three bed rooms and one suite room available; A large living room and a large common area on the first floor. The terrace and the surroundings are such that you wouldn’t want to return to your routine life!

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#02. Dapoli
If you love the sights of deep valleys, dense evergreen forest with diversified flora and fauna, misty mountains and milky white waterfalls, then this four bedroom Bungalow situated amid mesmerizing environment is the only place you’d want to visit over a long weekend for natural retreat. While overlooking the dam, windmills from the wind energy project and the crimson sky changing its color, one can easily lose the track of time.

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#03. Uttan
Not many people know of this secluded place because it is located within Mumbai! But trust us this place will take you by surprise especially by its evening sights. Set amid the quiet locales and sparsely populated area, is this bungalow that allows you to effortlessly hike to the highest point of Mumbai. While the sun sets, you will see a trail of fish boats parked at the dockyard against a crimson sky in the background and lanterns lit in the boats; the sight will only take you by surprise, for you never imagined this could be so mesmerising.

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#04. Moira
A garden lined with trees and a beautiful pool outlining the property offers an ideal setting for a tranquil stay. It’s well done interiors add to the comfort and ensure a perfect location to indulge in soulful activities like meditation and yoga. This luxurious villa is a perfect place to get a revitalizing rest. All room types offer state-of-art views; From tastily appointed private balconies and terraces, this place sets the standards for unadulterated pampering and downtime.

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#05. Matheran
A heritage villa in Matheran, almost a 100 year old shelters some of the most amazing wall clocks, furniture, flooring, beds, wide windows, huge walls and colorful culinary. Every corner of the house speaks an emotion. If you wish to detox your mind with a good read, you will find this huge sofa with sunlight at its backdrop an apt place to be the couch potato for rest of the day!

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#06. Murud
Located about 10 kms from Murud, in Agardanda, this beach villa will take your breath away. Here, the only sound that disturbs the peace is that of the sea waves crashing on the shores, barely 50 meters away. The property has no neighbours, so the stretch of 200-300 meters of beach is almost private.  It has 2 units, wooden structures, both with a porch from where one can keep staring into the open Ocean. You will find yourself fixed on the porch the whole day long with a book for company.

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#07. Alibaug

This old styled beach villa literally kissed by the high tide waters of the Arabian sea has afforested mountains as its backdrop with sea waters in front. The villa sits alongside the gorgeous fort, reminiscent of the Portugese inhabitation here centuries ago. The most stunning aspect of this villa is that it is perched on a virtually private beach. Meaning there is no permanent inhabitation for half a kilometer on either side of this bungalow!

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Enough inspiration to choose your destination to relax and rewind post a hectic week?!

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