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Travelling is as exciting as it is dangerous. Who knows what you will come across, who knows whether you will get a warm bed to sleep in tonight or food in your belly – it’s exciting.  With one SSExpress already over and another one underway, we’ve become pros at planning travel.

Your movement from one place to another should be planned, especially when you are on a tight budget and have limited time in hand. So here’s some help in creating the best plan for you.

Where are you going and what do you want from the trip?

It’s easy to decide that you want to travel. The question is where? India is a large country and each state has something unique to offer. Your expectation from the trip is also very important. May be you just want to snooze and unwind; or maybe you want to travel from one place to another and take in a lot of culture and scenery.

At the end of this thought process, you should have a route decided that you want to travel through.

Get a Roof over your Head

One of the main issues of most travellers is finding a place to stay. You have quite a few options from hotels, hostels, inns, homestays and B & B. If you are planning a trip during season time, you should try to book a room in advance. Saffronstays is unique in the way that you can get access to a quaint, local place to stay, plus you can learn about the area’s culture from the host.

Plan the Transport

Before you leave, ensure even your return tickets are booked. This way, no matter what happens (like you’re robbed), you at least have a way to come back.  Find out the various ways you can travel to the places you want to visit and what’s the best means of transport over there. Is it better to rent a bike or use the public transport?

What should you Visit?  

There is no point of visiting a place, if you are going to laze about in the hotel or homestay room. Get out there and experience things. Every place has interesting things to check out, whether it is the local dam or that national monument.  Making small lists saves time when you reach the location. You won’t waste time about finding about the places you need to visit.

No Plan is the Best Plan

At times, the best idea is dive in. No matter how much you plan, you can’t prepare yourself for all the awesome experiences on the trip. Some may even test you. You must be flexible and be prepared to evolve according to the situation.

Lastly, if something has to go wrong, it will. Don’t worry about it! Just go ahead and dive into that trip you wanted to go for.


About the traveller: Tristan Fernandes is currently travelling to the North East of India and has used all of the above tips in planning his travel successfully.

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