10 Top Private Romantic Getaways Around Maharashtra

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

― Rumi Jalalud-Din

Commitments are hard to make, but even harder to keep. Whether one has made them for a lifetime or for a short while, showing how much you mean to each other takes time, effort, walking the extra mile and a willingness to carve out special moments. Perhaps this is what Rumi meant when he added travel to the mix. While love and fun make up for the romance, it is only travel that makes two people stick together through thick and thin, reducing distances and creating memories that last.

Travelling alone is a revelation of oneself, traveling together reveals life. Unlike the usual look-a-like hotels and resorts that you keep dragging your loved one to, why not do it differently this time? Ever thought of a private villa that has gorgeous views, is sanitised and safe and yet gives you all the privacy you seek not too far from Mumbai or Pune?

Besides being secluded with fabulous views, a place to yourself and no disturbance, these romantic weekend getaways around Maharashtra are all unique in their experiences, offering you a holiday you’ll rave about long after you go home.

1. SaffronStays The Glasshouse, Panchgani

Imagine staring out at unimaginable greenery and majestic hills through the large French windows of this gorgeous glasshouse in Panchgani! As the name suggests SaffronStays Glasshouse is an artistically designed space that is very private, with just nature for company. While you enjoy quiet time with your spouse, rest assured there will be no outsiders disturbing your personal space. While there, you’ll love catching glimpses of flowers, or walking hand-in-hand through the orchards and lawns surrounding this getaway.

You could go on a fruit trail, practice yoga, play table tennis, enjoy a hot cuppa, and play cricket or badminton. Explore the surrounding tourist spots or visit a nearby farm during strawberry season – there’s just so much one can do!

Book your #RomanticGetaway: SaffronStays The Glasshouse

2. SaffronStays Lavender Mews, Pali

If privacy for your romantic getaway is non-negotiable, then SaffronStays Lavender Mews in Pali hits just the right spot. A uniquely designed container home, there are so many ways you can both keep yourselves occupied – skinny dip in the gorgeous ‘open to the sky’ pool, relish home-cooked meals at the gazebo or challenge yourself to a game of chess. We guarantee you’ll never get bored staying here.

Explore nearby places on a cycle together, relish delicious home-cooked meals in the gazebo as you listen to the soothing sounds of waterfalls over candlelight. There’s no one to disturb your tranquility!

Book your #RomanticGetaway: SaffronStays Lavender Mews

3. SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad

Have you ever seen ‘heaven on earth’? If not, then SaffronStays Aqua Chalet is the home to head out to for a romantic rendezvous. Picture perfect in its locale and look, intimate and warm in its ambience and just the right surprise to give your better half for your special day celebrations! Located in Murbad, this pinewood home open to the river on one side and a man-made pond on the other is just the slow-living, slow-unwinding you were always looking to experience but didn’t know where and how. Do nothing here, cause everything else is taken care of.

If you’re looking for a quaint getaway with an abundance of nature & water, a river right by your window, and a farm with fresh fruits, vegetables; don’t leave this paradise unexplored.

Book your #IntimateRetreat: SaffronStays Aqua Chalet

4. SaffronStays Elfreda, Vikramgad

Go Bohemian, go stylish and pull out all the stops with an intimately arranged candlelight dinner! SaffronStays Elfreda in Vikramgad is reminiscent of chilly nights, hilly terrain and a romantic setting to be spent in the company of the one you love. While there’s a herb garden, chikoo and mango trees to indulge in all around, you’ll have eyes and ears only for the one in front of you.

While you’re here, don’t forget to take a walk around the herb garden, catch up on an outdoor chess game or travel to see the local sights with your partner.

Take a tour of this property here.

Make memories at this #VillaForCouples: SaffronStays Elfreda

5. SaffronStays Solitude Maison, Raigad

As the name suggests, SaffronStays Solitude Maison is a home of absolute solitude, while being intimate and very practical. Perfect for couples who love their food and can spend hours relishing and discussing their favourite dishes, there’s plenty of scrumptious feasting and culinary delights to be indulged in, including Goan, South Indian, Middle-Eastern and Southeast Asian foods. At other times find out who loves what more – catching glimpses of the abundant wildlife or picking up fruits and vegetables from the orchard.

The home is surrounded by a 5-acre organic mango plantation, scenic views and acres of forest and all the time for you to explore it by yourselves.

Enjoy the company of your #BetterHalf: SaffronStays Solitude Maison

6. SaffronStays Villa 270, Dapoli

There’s nothing as thrilling as standing on the edge of the cliff, looking out onto an endless expanse of water, is there? For adrenaline junkies or couples wanting to experience a little thrill yet seek out the seclusion and intimacy of a private space, look no further than Villa 270° (Bakul and Aboli). Stunning sea cottages as pretty as the flowers they are named after, are what greet you here. Catch up on quiet dinners in the terrace-cum-dining area with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea while Pariah Kites zoom quickly by.

For the adventure loving couples, there’s Murud Beach for water sports and Suvarnadurg Sea Fort you can drive to a few minutes away.

One of the best cottage ever stayed. Location is excellent and 270 degree view of the sea is absolutely fantastic – Anibrata

Celebrate Your #Togetherness: SaffronStays Villa 270

7. SaffronStays Ocean Breeze, Guhagar

Romance surrounded by the whiff of sea breeze, gazing on endless expanse of fields and enjoyed in the quiet company of your spouse, is all you get and more at SaffronStays Guhaghar. With just the right kind of cozy, enjoy intimacy away from the hustle and bustle of prying eyes, chaos and noise. There’s a special kind of old world charm, warm vibe and beautiful melancholy to this place.

Snuggle under a blanket as you feel the quiet breeze while gazing on farmland, catch up on board games or just sip on your chilled beer at this beautiful farmstay.

A very amazing and spacious villa with the best view and soft ear-pleasing sounds of waves. The food here is explicitly amazing with their speciality in malwani food – Nitin

Book your #RomanticGetaway: SaffronStays Ocean Breeze

8. SaffronStays Mango Huts By The River, Pali

It can be hard planning a romantic getaway leaving your pet baby behind, so don’t even think about it! SaffronStays Mango Hut cottages are a perfect blend of rustic and earthy, a secluded hideout nestled in Khopoli with an abundance of nature and quiet. Set on a walk with your partner and breathe in the majestic Sahyadris, while your pet trails behind you not far behind.

Located 2.5 hours from Mumbai, hire a bullock cart to the beautiful Padsare waterfalls, Jatayu Ganpati temple or catch a long stroll hand-in-hand along the perennially gushing river nearby.

Take a look at the property here.

Book this #CoupleRetreat: SaffronStays Mango Huts By The River

9. SaffronStays Le Soil, Nashik

Privacy, luxury, and nature. The three things at this gorgeous 1-bedroom villa in Nashik that make it an ideal couple’s getaway. You can stroll through the surrounding greenery, bask in the sun, and relish the fresh air at this nature’s retreat. The modern villa offers exquisite views as well as swings, from where you and your partner can enjoy them. What better place to celebrate love than wine country?

While you’re there, you can fill your days with adventure. Take a dive in the villa or jam to your favorite songs, this truly is one place to be secluded with the one you love.

Take yourself to this #CoupleRetreat: SaffronStays Le Soil

10. SaffronStays Fragrant Sun By The Lake, Mulshi

A remote homestay overlooking Mulshi Lake, 3.5 hours from Mumbai, SaffronStays Fragrant Sun by the Lake is just the kind of comfortable, lazy vacation you and your better half were searching for. Book one of 3 cosy cottages for a super comfortable stay, enjoy tacos and salads while watching over Mulshi lake. Don’t forget to try a wood-fired pizza by the bonfire at night! This bohemian style villa provides a warm, homey vibe perfect for a detox staycation.

Take a dip in the freshwater lake or go for trekking, there’s always something to and places to see in and around the homestay.

Book This #RomanticGetaway: SaffronStays Fragrant Sun By The Lake

Enjoying a romantic interlude in your own specially appointed private villa is an experience like none other. No crowds, noise, chaos and no interference! Just a quiet, enduring intimacy in a well-appointed home for you to enjoy each other’s company.

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