10 Dreamy Villas Just A Quick Drive From BKC, Mumbai

Are you putting off your holiday? Are you trying to avoid lengthy train rides and expensive airfare? We’ve got your back with these 10 villas that are just a quick drive from BKC, Mumbai. In fact, you can get to them in less than 90 minutes! The route is straightforward and our villas are super easy to find. So browse through this list of dreamy destinations, pick your fav, and get booking!   

1. Aura, Alibaug

Large families will love the classy interiors and playful vibe of this 5-bedroom villa. There is plenty of space for kids to run around and a game room packed with the essentials for a fun holiday. The open sky pool is attached to the main living room, creating the perfect party setting!

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2. Osaree, Alibaug

If you’re looking to host a reunion or large celebration just a quick drive from Mumbai, this 5-bedroom pet-friendly villa is your best bet! The villa’s key feature is the broad verandah that stretches out next to the pool. The spacious structure of the villa and its charming Colonial-style furnishings make for a chill vibe that will keep your party alive. 

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3. Sea La Vie, Alibaug

One of the best sea-facing villas near Mumbai, Sea La Vie has a view that could mesmerize you for hours. You can hear the sound of the waves from any of its plush bedrooms and even enjoy the sunset with a picnic on the lawn. Only 4 km away from Mandwa Jetty, this gorgeous home is just around the corner from you. 

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4. Gardenia, Alibaug

An hour’s ride off the RoRo from Mumbai Port will get you to this stylish 4-bedroom villa that is surrounded by greenery. From the stunning infinity pool to the seamless garden that rolls up to the first floor, there are plenty of spots for the perfect photo op. You can turn your visit up a notch with the barbecue or bonfire services!

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5. Kairos, Karjat

Wish you could be in Greece? Now you can, in just a quick 90-minute drive from Mumbai. This 3-bedroom villa has whitewashed walls and blue doors that recreate the beauty of Greece. The cherry on top is the infinity pool, mini-bar and private butler, for when you feel like treating yourself!

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6. Turquoise Maison, Karjat

Settled on the banks of Lake Kalote and surrounded by the view of the mountains, this 3-bedroom villa provides a peaceful getaway from the city. Who knew this quiet spot was so close to Mumbai? You and your friends can have a carefree pool party or a cosy bonfire night on the patio. Don’t forget to experience the jacuzzi as well as the aromatic fruit garden. 

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7. Sohana By The River, Karjat

Sohana By The River is built to help you disconnect from the world. Nestled among greenery, the pool villa can host up to 10 people for a leisurely visit. You can savour homemade authentic Maharashtrian cuisines during your stay. The foosball table and facilities for badminton and table tennis will ensure you never get bored! 

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8. Casa Manga, Karjat

Looking for a quick escape? A quick drive from Mumbai will get you to this picture-perfect villa in less than an hour and a half. The yellow walled cottage and its comfy interiors say happy vibes only. While you unwind, you can also relish the organic mangoes of the estate. Masala bhindi, lasooni aloo, and mutton curry are some of the in-house chef’s unmissable dishes. 

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9. Constellations (Aquila and Orion), Khandala

A set of 2 villas in the same complex, Constellations Aquila and Orion are perfect for large gatherings of up to 30 guests. There is ample amount of space and the elegant interiors create the perfect atmosphere for your event, whether it is a corporate offsite or a family celebration. This top of the range villa is only a few minutes from the Lonavala exit of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. 

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10. Roselle, Malavali

Roselle is a charming villa that is ideal for a quiet getaway or a small party. Relax and get some me-time among the bright furnishings or let your hair down with your friends in the pool. Authentic Maharashtrian delicacies will keep your stomach full. Remember to get your dog along to this pet-friendly villa!

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11. Urja, Lonavala

A 3-bedroom pet-friendly villa that is a visual treat, with stone and metalwork infused in the architecture. A beautiful venue to simply take some time off, the villa can accommodate up to 11 people. Two plunge pools, a sparkling waterfall, a spa room, jacuzzi, gym room and an open sky room are right there to ensure you get the best vacation experience.

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12. Casa Delizia, Lonavala

Casa Delizia is a 4-bedroom villa that offers an escape in luxury. You can marvel at the beauty of art and sculptures inside, as well as the breathtaking view of the mountains outside. The plunge pool, bar-n-barbecue set-up, and a plethora of indoor games will keep you entertained. Meanwhile, our in-house chefs Dasharath and Bharti will provide fresh homemade meals. 

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