10 Beloved Childhood Games For Your Sunday Family Bonding

Doom scrolling on the phone, catching unending reruns of OTT shows and playing online games keeping you and the fam perpetually preoccupied in your own world? With all of us in the same boat and stuck at home, wouldn’t it be nice to do something exciting, fun and spend more time together the #SaffronStaysSunday’s way?

If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll recall all the excitement, screaming and frolic that filled the home playing hide’n’seek with cousins, board games with dad and unending antakshari singing tunelessly (….yeah no one noticed then) to all kinds of Hindi and English songs. It gave us tons of time to spend other, and soooo many amazing memories we hold onto even now.

So while you’re stuck at home this Sunday, here are a few beloved childhood games you may have forgotten…..ones that were so addictive, exciting and nostalgic, that you may just want to relive and recreate them all over again with your little ones.


The word game which must still be lying somewhere in our parent’s home. Dig up that box, dust off the titles, pick your 7 letters and show off that gyan. We bet you the kids may just win this one!


Build the tall tower, stack all the blocks and then watch it all precariously balance while the steadiest (non sweaty) hand removes them one by one. One of the easiest games that only the calm ones win.


Taught when we were little to play it smartly, strategy and planning came together to give us some early wise lessons to apply for life. Best time to show the kids is when they are little no?


No matter how much you try, what side the dice rolls, all those sixes and climbing up, a big bad snake always lay in wait to gobble us up. Falling and picking ourselves up on the board, such a rollercoaster this game was!


Needing nothing more than a paper and pencil (and some juice & snacks on the side) all we had to do was scratch our brains for words that began with specific alphabets and put together unique ones at that!


Money and notes and buying all those homes & hotels, all with paper money. Didn’t having so much make you gloat and feel super rich if just for a while?


Round and round this game went, between players 2 or 4. All of us running around the small ludo board to get our color to the center first. A fun game, that everyone played (some with a little cheating) as well!

8. UNO

Those colorful cards which would be the first to pop up during picnics and outings, card nights and cousins stayovers, lose all of them and UNO….you had fun & won!


No action, no talk but use all the signs and actions you could to get everyone guessing the right word. Remember the old hindi movie names we’d pick for this?


“Baithe baithe kya karein, karna hain kuch kaam. Shuru karein antakshari lekar prabhu ka naam”. Need we say more??

Whether you have only one favorite among these games or a bunch of them you absolutely love, tell us the one that you’ll play with your kids & get your Sunday game going!

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